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Have a Passion Turn It Into a Blog

Have a Passion? Turn It Into a Blog! Blogging can not only be great fun, but it can also be a source of income. All you really need to start a blog is a passion for something, along with the desire to share that passion with others. Blogging simply entails writing regular short articles, called blog posts, that share some aspect of your subject. If you post regularly, other people with the same passion will find your blog and become regular readers.

Want an example? Okay. Let’s say that your passion is autograph collecting. Perhaps you have hundreds, maybe even thousands of autographs. What a great subject for a blog! You could name your blog something like “Autograph Collectors Anonymous” or “Ye Olde Autograph Collector.” Be sure to actually name the subject in your blog title so that the search engines can list it for others to find.

Try writing a blog post once or twice a week that details how you got your autographs. One post could equal one autograph. For instance, maybe you have an old-time movie star’s autograph — someone like Cary Grant. Tell the story about how you happened to be seated next to him on a flight from New York to Los Angeles — describe what he was like. Put his photo and a photo of his autograph on the blog and invite others to comment.

Then add another blog post. This one might be about how you tracked down a rock star — say someone like George Harrison. Describe how you saw him in the audience at a concert and had to use a lot of tricks of the trade to get by security in order to get his autograph. Include a photo of the concert, a photo of the singer, and a photo of the autograph.

As long as you make regular entries, people will find you become regular followers. In the meantime, how might you make some money with your blog?

One suggestion would be by adding links to the merchandise being sold on Amazon. You might have a link to a book about Cary Grant with a second link to an Amazon page offering an assortment of his movies for sale. In the case of a rock star, you might include links to posters, recordings, and books. There are all kinds of opportunities.

Some bloggers even write their own books. If your autograph collection is extensive you might write an e-book that explains all that has gone into your collection over the years. You might even reveal a few trade secrets about how you have gotten autographs that are really hard to get. Let your potential customers know these are secrets you will not be sharing anywhere else.

Another possibility for making money on your blog is by adding Google’s Adsense ads. These are the little two and three-line ads that you often see in Internet articles. Google will pay you a predetermined amount each time one of your readers clicks on an Adsense ad.

If you have a passion, why not blog about it? No matter how strange your hobby or passion maybe — there are others out there who will definitely be interested in it. So get to work and start blogging!

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