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Magento Abandoned Cart Reminder Module

The Magento Addons send automatic abandoned cart reminder emails to visitors or customers.

Abandoned cart emails are sent to customers who have added products to their cart but failed to check out. It’s remarkably effective as a sales recovery tactic. Abandoned cart emails are emails that are sent to re-engage shoppers who left items in their carts without completing checkout.

When a user adds a product to the online shopping cart of an e-commerce site but doesn’t proceed to checkout and complete the purchase. Abandoned cart recovery is a sales acquisition strategy where eCommerce merchants use marketing automation and UX design to convert abandoned carts into sales.

Abandonment is an eCommerce term used to describe a visitor on a web page who leaves that page before completing the desired action. Examples of abandonment include shopping cart abandonment, referring to visitors who add items to their online shopping cart, but exit without completing the purchase.

80.68% of retail shoppers abandon purchases after adding items to their cart. 34% of shoppers abandon checkout because they are forced to create an account. 23% of shoppers abandoned carts due to issues with shipping. 18% of shoppers abandon carts because they wanted to compare prices.

According to SaleCycle, nearly half of all abandoned cart emails are opened and over a third of clicks lead to purchases back on site

According to research on 500 leading global brands, 44.1% of abandoned cart emails are opened almost a third of clicks on abandoned cart emails (29.9%) lead to a recovered sale.

They calculated data from 41 different studies and found that the average cart abandonment rate is just under 70 percent. That means roughly seven out of every 10 shoppers won’t complete their transaction—a number many e-commerce store owners find troubling

Not only does it make sense to send abandoned cart emails, but studies show that doing so is also incredibly effective. Nearly half (45%) of abandoned cart emails are opened. Of the email users who open them, 21% will click through to their cart, and half of those users will buy the items

Retrieval of abandoned shopping carts is the responsibility of the merchant. One of the most important reasons why shopping cart abandonment is a problem for retailers is that when customers don’t check out, it means that they miss out on a sale. It does not matter whether the order was large or small. Cart abandonment emails are automatically triggered messages sent to customers who didn’t go through with a purchase on your site. Sending these emails has proven to be effective in winning shoppers back. 48% of abandonment cart emails are opened. Abandoned cart emails are sent to customers who have added products to their cart but failed to check out. It’s remarkably effective as a sales recovery tactic. According to SaleCycle, nearly half of all abandoned cart emails are opened and over a third of clicks lead to purchases back on site

Most Common Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment

Mandatory account creation
No discounts or promo codes to use
Unexpected shipping costs.
Longer than expected delivery times.
Ambiguous return and refund policy.
Lack of desirable payment options.
Payment security concerns.
Restrictions on product quantity.
Site speed and app performance issues.

How to Decrease Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

An abandoned cart email is an email that companies send to users that added some products to their shopping cart but left it behind without completing a purchase. This technique enables brands to automatically return users to shopping carts and increase sales.

The answer is simple: to increase sales and generate more revenue. According to Barilliance, abandoned cart emails have an average 8.24% conversion rate in 2020. This means that from a thousand users that abandoned their carts (and brought you $0 in revenue), around 82 users will complete their purchase after receiving your email.

Cart abandonment emails are a big opportunity for store owners to recover otherwise lost revenue. There are many reasons why a customer leaves your store with a cart filled to the brim, but alas it happens.

Follow-up Emails are an email program that allows you to automatically engage and communicate with potential customers that leave the site without completing their purchase.

This works if the user is logged in and has a known email address, or if the user enters an email address on the checkout page and then leaves the site.

Best Practices For Abandoned Cart Emails:

Unique and personalized subject lines and preview texts
A/B test your abandoned cart emails
Mobile-optimized abandoned cart email templates
Interesting copy
Product recommendations
Send abandoned cart emails in three different intervals
Clear Call-To-Actions
Use User-Generated-Content
Shine the spotlight on the product
Reliable customer support
Be specific and clear with your content and layout


– Feature to add different social media URLs from the admin panel easily
– Lightweight. (Smaller file size which loads faster.)
– Increase sales, conversion rates, and product promotions.
– Customer relationship improvement and management. Maintain existing customers & attract new customers
– Customers easily know about your products, services, events, and engagement in store
– Increase in sales and store traffic
– Maintain existing customers & Attract new customers.
– Specially designed for ®Magento
– Easy to set configuration and easy to use
– SEO friendly
– Lower marketing expenses, exposure to potential customers, and reach targeted audiences.
– Increase sales, conversion rates, and product promotions.
– The module works without making any changes in the existing files so that existing customization and theme change do not affect them it.

Technical Features

– Easy and Fast configuration
– Good Documentation
– Works with the latest versions of ®Magento 2.0,2.1,2.2,2.3,2.4,2.5,2.6,2.7,2.8,2.9,3.0
– 24*7 Support
– Mobile, Tablet, and all devices compatible
– Multiple browsers compatibility(IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari,Chrome and Edge)
– We provide free technical and feature support in installation, and configuration, as well as access to updates available for this product.

Other :

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