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Mobile Marketing The Clever Way

Mobile Marketing The Clever Way I want to make a few quick suggestions to help you increase you mobile marketing plans exponentially. You need to forget about the idea of separating your mobile, social, and traditional marketing and start using them all as a joint effort for greater success. I want to share a few ideas you might enjoy.

Traditional mobile marketing focuses on using mobile optimized websites, mobile SEO strategies, and attracting a mobile audience using apps. Those are all great things to do, but if you want instant impact, you need to break free from traditional ideas.

My definition is slightly different. I focus on any method that causes people to use their mobile devices to walk in my doors or to buy my products. One of my favorite strategies is to offer discounts only to people who show me our coupon on their mobile device. The coupon cannot be printed or used in any other method. They must walk into our door with their phone or tablet in hand and show us the coupon. We do these promotions on a regular basis for one reason. We want to be on their phones.

We want our clients to bookmark our business on their phones. We want them checking our specials on their phone or tablet because they are mobile when they do it. They are more likely to walk in our door at that moment than when they are sitting at their desk at the office or in their homes.

Another strategy we have tested in our mobile marketing is combining with social media marketing. We offer double discounts to clients who print a coupon from our updates on our Facebook page and bring their mobile device to our store to show us the mobile coupon. Once again, this is to get them walking in our doors and keeping us on their phones. We want to become one of the businesses that has a special place on their mobile device, because it is with them 24 hours per day.

Our other strategies all follow the same concepts. We entice people in our print ads in newspapers, school programs, and community advertisements to show us our ads on their phones. This strategy increases the hits on your mobile website dramatically, since your customers know they can only get the best specials using their phone.

I want to ask you a serious question about your business. Do you think you will get more impact by having a simple mobile app that a client uses occasionally, or by insisting they use their mobile device to get their discounts? We tried both and one strategy was the clear winner. Using mobile apps is still a good investment, but taking a little different path can lead to higher sales and greater customer loyalty.

You must have a well-optimized mobile site. You must make sure you site ranks highly on mobile searches and on map programs. In our experience, the one key to increasing sales has been to combine all of our marketing strategies to highlight our mobile marketing campaigns. Our business is entrenched on our client’s phones, right where we want to be.

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