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Obtaining More Leads for Real Estate Sales

Obtaining More Leads for Real Estate Sales Finding leads to help sell real estate in the open real estate market takes significantly more work than was required in the past. Luckily, the World Wide Web has offered realtors an easier time of marketing their available properties to a far-reaching audience.

Nowadays, most individuals begin their search to look for a new home or other real estate using the Internet. They do this because it simply offers an easy solution to look around to see what is available, without first making a commitment to a realtor. While this might be advantageous to the potential buyer, it can often leave the realtor in the lurch.

However, by using old-style methods of garnering leads, you likely have a higher chance of finding potential customers. While not every leave will be viable, the process will allow you to find far more than you are currently getting.

Create a Website
The first step in generating more leads is to create your own website. The website will contain a lead capture area, where you can obtain user information. If you work for company that has her own website, you need to have at least a page on your own. Be sure to include the company’s name, but try to keep the pages separate. You will likely need to have approval from your real estate broker first.

Usually individuals that visit your webpages to seek information will likely want more data than what is being offered. Be sure to include an area where you can gather additional information from them in an effort to respond to them correctly. This might include their name, address, or at least their email address. Many individuals do not like to be harassed in the mail, or over the phone, and are less likely to leave that type of personal information.


It is important to advertise in as many real estate magazines as possible. Many of these larger publications offer areas for lead capturing through their advertise pages. Make sure that every posted address and email address will lead directly back to you.

Visit for Sale by Owners
Do not overestimate cold calling. If you see any home that is being offered for sale by the owner, knock on the door, and talk to them about the services and products that you provide. More than likely, they are only receiving a few hits because they are limited in their capacity to advertise. They likely do not have all the tools and experience that you have in selling a home.

You may be able to assist them in determining exactly what their home is worth, and how they can easily afford to hire a realtor to help them sell it.

Get to know your market well. This will help you establish yourself as a competent realtor in the area. Understand the basic statistics of how all the homes and properties in your area are being bought and sold, and why. These are only a few effective tools you can use to generate more leads, and greater sales and profits.

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