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Personal Development Gave Me a New Outlook on Life

Personal Development Gave Me a New Outlook on Life I have always been an ambitious person with a good outlook on life. I did well in school, and graduated college with a degree in nursing. However, after marrying, and having three wonderful children, I found myself overwhelmed, and quit my job as a nurse to stay home full-time with my children. It was definitely the right choice for my family and I at the time.

As my children grew, and began to leave the nest, I began to feel depressed, and felt as if there was nothing left for me to do with my life. I had a happy marriage, but my husband worked full-time, and I had many empty hours to fill during the day. As my negative attitude progressed, I decided to take action, before things became worse.

I began to search the internet for information and ideas for personal development. I wanted to give my life a makeover, and gain back some of the excitement and luster I had in my younger days. These are the steps I took in order to reach my goals.

Physical Makeover

I was not obese, but I needed to lose about twenty pounds. I knew this would go a long way toward getting my self-esteem back on track, and afford me the energy I needed to forge ahead with my plans. I began eating well, cutting out my passion, sugar, and other unhealthy foods, and changing my diet to one full of lean protein, fruits and vegetables. I loved going to the library, and checking out cookbooks, trying new recipes out on my husband. He enjoyed my research as well!

I began an exercise program as well, starting with brisk walks, and eventually convincing my husband to join a gym, and work out with me. We found that we had something in common, and enjoyed our time working out together. As a bonus, we both lost weight, and got in better shape.

Spiritual Makeover

I had gone to church when my children were at home, but as they left, I found myself sitting around the house on Sundays, spending my time in front of the television, or shopping, instead of nurturing my spiritual side. As part of my personal development plan, I found a church in my area, and began to attend on a regular basis. I found myself re-kindling my love for worship, and even joined the choir, as well as a community service group. I made many new friends, and found my days filling up with activity.

A New Beginning to Old Work

As I began to develop my personal life, I felt the urge to go back to work. My new respect for my physical health, combined with a healthy spiritual life, made me realize that my personal makeover complemented the profession I had abandoned long ago.

I started by updating my education, taking a couple of classes at the local community college that I needed in order to begin nursing again. I felt a new-found desire to help people, and quickly found a position as an oncology nurse, caring for cancer patients.

I cannot explain why my life has changed, other than to say that I knew there was more that I was supposed to do with my many remaining years. I now have a fulfilling career, I waste less time, and I even have a new granddaughter to keep me busy. My personal development plans have literally saved my life!

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