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PrestaShop installation stops at 67%

When your PrestaShop installation stops at 67%, it typically indicates that there’s an issue during the installation process that needs to be addressed. Here are some common reasons and steps to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Server Requirements: Ensure that your server meets PrestaShop’s system requirements, including the PHP version, memory_limit, and other prerequisites. You can find the specific requirements for your PrestaShop version in the official PrestaShop documentation. If your server doesn’t meet these requirements, you’ll need to make the necessary adjustments or choose a different hosting provider.
  2. File Permissions: Check the file and directory permissions in your PrestaShop installation directory. Ensure that all files and folders have the correct permissions for the web server to read and write. The recommended permissions for directories are usually 755, and for files, it’s 644.
  3. Database Configuration: Make sure that your database configuration in the config/ file is correct. Double-check the database server hostname, username, password, and database name. It’s important that the database credentials are accurate.
  4. Database Connection Issues: If there are database connection problems, the installation process may halt. Verify that your database server is running, and the specified database user has the necessary privileges to create tables and modify the database.
  5. PHP Settings: Check the PHP settings on your server, such as the max_execution_time and max_input_time. These settings can impact the installation process. You may need to adjust them to allow for a longer installation time if they are too low.
  6. Host Server Limitations: Some hosting providers impose resource limits, which can interrupt the installation process. Contact your hosting provider to see if they have any limitations in place that might be causing the issue.
  7. Clear Cache and Cookies: If the installation process halts due to a browser-related issue, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies and then attempt the installation again.
  8. Troubleshoot with Logs: Check your server’s error logs and PrestaShop’s installation log files (located in the /install/logs/ directory) for error messages. These logs can provide valuable information about what’s causing the installation to stop.
  9. Disable Third-Party Modules: If you’re installing a version of PrestaShop that includes third-party modules, try disabling these modules during the installation process. Sometimes, conflicts with specific modules can cause the installation to hang.
  10. Upgrade Your PrestaShop Files: If you’re trying to install an older version of PrestaShop, it may have compatibility issues with your server’s PHP version or other components. Consider using a more recent version of PrestaShop that is more likely to be compatible with your server environment.
  11. Database Prefix: If you’re using a database prefix, ensure that it is correctly specified in the config/ file and matches the prefix you specified during the installation.

If you’ve gone through these steps and the installation is still stuck at 67%, it’s a good idea to consult the official PrestaShop community or support forums, as well as your hosting provider’s support team, for additional assistance. They may be able to provide specific solutions based on your hosting environment and PrestaShop version.

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