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Real Estate Selling How Does It Work

Real Estate – Selling How Does It Work I’ve never understood what real estate agents do to sell a house. How do they find buyers and what really separates the bad real estate agents from the good ones? What are the special talents and skills that a real estate agent must have. I seem to know more unsuccessful real estate agents than successful ones. I do know one guy who is a broker an owns his own firm. He seems to be very successful and he has bought a huge house. I’m really happy for his success but I wonder what makes him better than the other real estate attorneys I know?

I think that when the economy was good, all an gent had to do was get listings, that is, they only had to get home sellers to sign on as clients. Since so many people were looking for homes it was easy to sell homes. What do real estate agents do when the economy is bad? What technique do they use to find buyers. I really want to get down to the core techniques. I’m starting to think that a person can sell their own home without an agent.

If I were going to sell my home I would contrive everything to make me successful. I would have my house listed on every real estate site. I would create a relationship with a ton of lenders and mortgage originators. I would go out and look for deals. I would even considers owner financing the house. Why not let someone else pay down my mortgage? I also would find one of those companies that buy owner finance deeds. I would work every possible angel there is to work. I wonder if a real estate agent would work this hard.

I need to ask the next real estate agent, how do you sell a house? What are your methods? What makes you better than me? I’m a fairly smart guy and I can figure out most things, so why not real estate? It can’t be that hard, there are millions of agents out there. It has to come down to just marketing, finding deals and being relentless. I bet most agents just list your property and wait for people to reply. Anyone can do that, I can do that, you can do that. I guess you do need someone to show your house.

As you can see, selling real estate seems to be quite mechanical. There isn’t anything magical that the average agent does that you can not do for yourself. In some cases, you might be able to do it better, You are probably more motivated because it is your house. Although, I know here are some superlative agents who really have a magical personality that makes people say yes. Perhaps this is the secret, know how to list houses and having a great personality that wins people over. Let’s hope that there are great real estate agents out there,

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