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Stay Fit by Eating Small Healthy Meals Frequently

Stay Fit by Eating Small Healthy Meals Frequently Eating small frequent meals is the best way to nourish our bodies and stay healthy. Let me tell you why that is so. When we eat, our body takes the carbohydrates in our food and converts them into blood sugar called glucose. The level of glucose in our blood is what makes us feel full or hungry, energetic or tired. It is also determines when our body stores fat or burns it as energy.

The pancreas is an organ designed to create insulin which transports blood sugar to our various body parts. When we eat unhealthy refined foods the food is turned to sugar quickly. Our pancreas receives an urgent message to produce more insulin because of all of the incoming sugar. Once our body has received an initial jolt of energy from the sugar (often referred to as a “sugar high”), it understands there is too much excess sugar and so begins to store it as fat. No wonder we associate eating processed fast foods with obesity. How can this be avoided?

Remember that insulin has the job of carrying necessary blood sugar to our body parts and then getting rid of the rest. That means when we eat a lot of refined sugar our pancreas has to produce a lot of insulin. After we get the initial “sugar high” the insulin surge starts quickly disposing of the blood sugar, bringing down our glucose level and producing a “sugar low” — that is when we start to drag and feel tired. We also begin to once again feel hungry. When we are hungry we tend to overeat — and then we eat the wrong foods and the whole cycle starts all over again. Sadly, this becomes an entire life cycle for many people.

That is why starvation diets, despite what many think, are very unhealthy. When we refuse to eat our body panics and starts storing fat for future use — this is often referred to as a slowing of our metabolism. Our body is doing what it needs to do to save us. As a result it stores fat and starts using muscle tissue to produce energy.

The most efficient way to burn fat and feel energetic is by keeping a healthy glucose level. This is best done by eating several healthy meals during the day instead of three large meals.

It is important that we eat nutrient dense foods that are good for the body. The portions should be measured out before we eat. Five or six small meals usually works best. Your meals should include fruits, vegetables, lean protein and natural fiber. There should be no pre-packaged or processed foods.

Eating small healthy meals frequently will keep us fit and provide us with lots of energy. This is accomplished by maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Just imagine no longer experiencing those horrible sugar lows and ravenous hunger pangs! And best of all, staying fit means we will all lead healthier, longer lives.

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