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The Benefits of Owning a Home Business

The Benefits of Owning a Home Business A growing section of the population is seriously considering running a business from their home. The daily grind, inconvenient work hours, office politics and excess stress are just a few of the reasons for the rise in home businesses. There are many advantages to working from a home office. Below, you will find some benefits that may just help you to decide to take the plunge, and start your own home business.

Be Your Own Boss

If you are weary of answering to a grumpy, over-worked superior who barely knows your name, you will enjoy the chance to be your own boss. You get to make the important decisions, choose your work hours and leave the stress of the corporate world behind. That can be a great feeling!

The Comforts of Home

If you work from home, the comforts you will enjoy will be real perks compared to the annoyances of a desk job. You can get out of bed, and start your work day in your jammies, if you choose. No more suits and ties, expensive wardrobes or fancy hairdos. If you work from a computer, you can work right from you own couch, or comfortable desk chair. Just be sure to shower, and keep up the personal hygiene!

Work Expenses

Many 9-5 escapees find that they save a tremendous amount of money when they leave their old work expenses behind for a home office. With gas prices climbing higher every day, the cost of driving to work can cost hundreds of dollars per month. The cost of a work wardrobe, including suits, shoes, manicures and hairdos add up as well. Business lunches are another expense you can trade for home-cooked meals.


Sure, a home business will include its share of stress, but studies show that people who spend their work hours in jobs outside the home experience a higher level of stress than those who choose a home business. The pressures of deadlines, layoffs and even having to miss work because of illness can all cause excessive stress that can endanger your health.

Tax Perks

When you run a home business, you can take advantage of several tax deductions that will help to offset your self-employment taxes. A percentage of the square footage of your home can be deducted, a portion of your utilities, even your office furniture, computers and supplies can mean savings for you at tax time. Just be sure that you only write off items that are used exclusively for your business, or office.

Business Choices

As a home business owner, you can choose from a myriad of great business ideas. Some of these include: Medical billing, home daycare, hair stylist, pet sitter, and the list goes on.

Staying Home With the Children

If you are a mother whose husband works outside the home, you may be reluctant to leave a baby, or young child with a sitter while you go to work. Working from home means being available to your kids, working your schedule around their activities, and being there to see important milestones in their lives.

It is clear that a home business offers many advantages over jobs in the outside workforce. If you choose to set up a home business, these benefits will certainly make it worth your while!

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