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The Benefits Of Solar Energy As A Home Improvement

The Benefits Of Solar Energy As A Home Improvement When it comes to home improvement, many people just like to think of remodeling rooms, painting the walls, redoing the floors, explaining an existing space, and the like. They also tend to think about their pipes, air conditioners, heaters, etc. What many are starting to consider now is going green with their home improvements. Solar energy in particular can give the owner a better return on their investment quickly. Here are some benefits to adding solar energy as a home improvement.

Solar energy is able to get the homeowner a much higher resale value than standard non-green energy. In fact, it can cause the value to rise between 87% and 157%! That’s a huge difference in what you would get without this energy improvement. The values will also rise as energy costs rise making you even more money in the long run if you time your selling right. It also is has a much better chance of paying the original homeowner up to 100% of their initial investment for it. That means that it literally pays for itself!

Recently, mortgage companies and banks have said that adding solar energy as a home improvement actually greatly raises the property value. Think about it. It is decreases utility costs, which makes the property worth more to potential buyers. For many people, the idea of saving on energy in a world that is plagued with ever-rising energy costs is worth so much more than the more expensive cost of an energy efficient home. It is worth it to many buyers, which is why they will pay top dollar for many homes with this kind of home addition. Generally, this value fluctuates, but the home value can rise by up to $20,000 for every $1000 saved on energy in a given year. Now that’s how you save and earn!

As previously said, homebuyers will pay more for home that have solar energy. They also tend to sell faster than homes without it. Nearly everyone is susceptible to the allure of having a home that is designed to save energy and money. Energy costs rise every year making traditional electricity harder to keep up with. An “out” is going with an alternative energy like solar energy so that the home can still function, but without the owner going bankrupt over it. In fact, it’s just the opposite; the homeowner can even gain energy credits from having an energy efficient home in some states if the energy system was turned over to them in the sale. Due to these perks, traditional electric home sales are being outsold by those that have solar panels, water reclamation systems, and geothermal cooling and heating.

While many standard home improvements can up your property’s value, none of them compare to all of the benefits of solar energy. To cut your energy costs, have a system give you back nearly 100% on your investment, and up the value of your property when you decide to sell, try adding a solar energy system to your home.

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