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Weight Loss Over Age Forty

Weight Loss Over Age Forty Weight loss is a challenge at any age. But, after the age of forty women, in particular, have the added obstacle of having to overcome the hormonal changes in the body. Hormones have a definite impact on weight loss.

I’m an avid viewer of Dr. Oz’s show as he seems to be very balanced and, at the same time, really up-to-date regarding the current trends in dieting and what works and what does not. So when he acknowledged that hormones can definitely slow down my weight loss efforts, I sat up and took notice. Maybe he would also have some helpful suggestions on the solution to this dilemma.

He did have a number of recommendations and I’m going to share them here, in case there is still a female in this country that has not tuned into Dr. Oz’s show on a daily basis. He pointed out that after age 50 the body burns 200 calories a day less because of estrogen loss. As you age and your eggs “shrivel,” your body turns to your belly fat as a backup for storage of its estrogen. That being the case, you need to provide your body with an alternative source of estrogen. Dr. Oz recommends you grind up and eat two teaspoons of flax seeds daily to boost your estrogen.

Of course, the exercise of some sort is always recommended, no matter what your age. Unfortunately, in your forties and fifties your body responds differently to exercise. Even when you are burning up the calories, the fat is reluctant to leave, preferring to stay in your body, marbleizing your muscles. You might be surprised to learn that this has to do with the diminishing amount of testosterone in your body as you age.

To combat the decrease of testosterone, Dr. Oz recommends a very high protein source – Roman Beans. He suggests building up the amount of these beans that you eat until you reach 2-3 cups a week. If you are concerned about that creating a problem with gas – a common occurrence when eating beans – simply increase the number of beans you eat in small increments until you’ve reached your goal of 2-3 cups a week.

Salmon is a good idea also as it is rich in protein and Vitamin D (and let’s not forget those healthy Omega-3 oils). Broccoli is helpful for the iron it provides, building up your red blood cells that in turn carry oxygen to your muscles.

Finally, don’t underestimate the value of weight training – thirty minutes a week will help burn those calories and continue to do so even after the workout is over!

There’s no denying it is going to require a little more of a concentrated effort to be successful in the weight loss department after the age of forty. It’s a hard reality, but weight loss CAN be accomplished if you follow these guidelines. Even more importantly, you will be increasing your overall health which means you will feel strong, healthy, and vital – and isn’t that the ultimate goal in any diet regimen?

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