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Your Belief Level in Network Marketing is Everything

Your Belief Level in Network Marketing is Everything With fifteen years of experience in network marketing, there is one factor that seems to allude to the average person. This factor is what keeps them from achieving their financial and business goals. What is this factor? It is the belief that network marketing is the greatest industry in the world.

In order to evaluate your level of belief, take out a piece of paper, and draw a large plus sign. The center is zero. Write the number 10 at the end of each of the four points of the plus sign. Then, label each of the points as follows: product, company, compensation plan, and network marketing.

Rate yourself from zero to ten for your company’s products. Most network marketers would rate their products between 8 and 10. And, this is rightfully so. Most networking companies have superior products, research and development, and quality than any product you could buy on a store shelf. In other words, most people have a very high belief level in their products.

Next, rate yourself from zero to ten for your company. What is the quality of the leadership of your company, the leaders, the CEO, the founders? Again, most networkers will rate the quality of these men and women among the best of the best. They are visionaries and down to earth. The belief level is usually high for a multilevel marketing company.

Next, rate yourself from zero to ten for your compensation plan. Most people love their comp plan. It is one of the things that attracted them to this business, and they believe there isn’t a finer compensation plan in the industry. The belief level is high.

Finally, rate yourself from zero to ten for the network marketing industry. Be real here. This is where it starts to fall apart. If most people are honest, they rate this between three and five. So why is there such a low belief level?

People begin listening to all of the critics, getting on websites that call this industry a scam, and begin listening to all the people who started and quit, and never made more money than they invested. If you listen to these people, doubt begins to creep in, take hold, and your belief level suffers.

Without a belief level in network marketing itself, equal to or even higher than the other three points of the plus sign, you will never be successful in working from home. There isn’t any other way around it. If your belief level is suffering, so is your bonus check. This is guaranteed.

You need to stop listening and giving your ears to those who bash this incredible industry and give your heart, mind, eyes, and ears to those that continue to prove, day in and day out, across all companies, that freedom and success are within your grasp. John Addison said, “Never accept advice from anyone more screwed up than you are.” Choose wisely who you listen to and accept advice from.

Success is as easy as that. If you are going to be successful, you must be at an 8 or above in your belief level in all four categories. If anyone category is low, your whole business will suffer. Make it your priority to raise your belief level in all four categories, and especially in network marketing itself.

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