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Zero Stress Network Marketing

Zero Stress Network Marketing I laugh whenever I hear someone say network marketing is stressful. Why would it be stressful, difficult, or painful? I think the reason is that people are convinced they need to be serious about their business. They expect objections, so they create the objections. They prepare for every conversation to be stressful, so they experience stressful conversations. What network business are you promoting?

I want you ask you that question again. What network business are you promoting? What went through your mind when I asked that question? If your mind instantly named the company and then started going through all the reasons why it is great, you have a problem. When someone asks me that question I reply, “The fun one.” Then I shut up.

You just asked. I know you did. You want to know which one is fun. It is the one with dynamic leaders. The one with leaders that make you laugh and challenge you to excel. Do you know that one? I am involved with the company that has products that help you improve and offers the most dynamic payment system of all time. I am sure you know which one.

Yes, I am leading you on. Yes, I am trying to make you curious. No, I am not avoiding the question. Every good network marketing company has good products. Every successful company has dynamic leadership who challenge their people to excel. Your program fits my description, maybe not as well as the system I am involved with, but it does fit it. The problem is you get too serious about your company and forget about the important part of network marketing.

I did not get into this business because of the payment plan. I did not join the company I promote due to their product line. I joined because I had a vision of where I want my life to be in six months, one year, and in five years. I joined because I want to have fun and enjoy life. That is the vision I want to share with other people. I want them to feed off the energy of their own personal goals and dreams. I want them to embrace the joy of owning a business and the freedom of being their own boss. The system is a tool to achieve their dreams.

I am not stressed about promoting my network marketing business because I do not focus on the company. I focus on the person. What do they dream of achieving? What are their hopes and desires? What are their challenges? When you turn off your own needs and focus on their needs, something magical happens. You get more leads. You get more sales. Your business grows fast. The excitement you generate becomes contagious and it spreads to your team. They start to make more sales and their teams grow.

Tell me again, where is the stress in listening to people telling you about their hopes, dreams, and desires? Why would it ever be stressful to help them succeed in life? You are on a mission to change people’s lives, not to promote a company. If you want your network marketing business to grow fast, get lost in helping others succeed. It is stress free.

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