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A Cosplayer s Repair Kit

A Cosplayer’s Repair Kit If you’re anything like me, then you probably love traveling to different conventions. You also probably love to cosplay as well! But if you’re going to a convention that’s more than a few minutes away from home, you’re going to need a cosplay repair kit. But what should be in that kit?

A sewing kit is a vital part of your cosplay repair kit! You never know when part of your precious costume might tear and need to be stitched back up. Even if your costume doesn’t have much cloth, still pack one. Worse case scenario is you might be able to help some poor cosplayer who forgot to pack one!

A hot glue gun and a bottle of super glue is also important. Hot glue is great for repairing large props or armor in a pinch. Super glue is great for fixing smaller items or things that need to be held by something stronger than hot glue. Duct tape is another possibility for quick prop repairs.

Paint or Sharpies to fix small scratches can also come in handy. I can’t count the number of times the paint on one of my props has chipped away or been damaged. I always try to bring something to touch up the paint just in case. It never hurts!

Safety pins and easy-stick velcro can also be godsends for the cosplayer in trouble. Costumes like to come apart in the weirdest places during conventions, so it never hurts to have something to hold them in the right places.

If you’re going to be wearing shoes that aren’t your normal shoes, then bring some elastic bandages. Wrapping those around your feet and ankles are a great way to keep yourself from getting blisters while you enjoy the convention.

If you’re a female and will be wearing pantyhose, then pack some clear nail polish. It’s great for stopping runs that may really end up ruining your costume.

If you’re going to be wearing makeup, then there are two things you need to pack. The first thing is blotting sheets. These allow you to remove sweat or makeup without completely ruining your makeup and having to do it all over again.

You should also pack makeup remover. You’re going to need to be able to get all the makeup off your face each night so that you can sleep without it on. Trust me, it’s much easier to remove the makeup at night and reapply it the next day than try to sleep with it on and touch it up in the morning.

Cosplaying is one of the best parts of going to conventions, whether it’s a comic book convention or an anime convention. But costumes are a lot of stress and no matter how many times you try to perfect them, things always go wrong. No cosplay would be caught dead at a convention without their trust repair kits. And if you find you need something you’ve forgotten, try asking another cosplayer for help. Most will be glad to help a fellow con-goer!

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