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Chicago is a Hockey Town

Chicago is a Hockey Town Why would anyone in their right minds want to travel to Chicago U.S.A.? What does the city and Chicago tourism have to offer? Unless you want to fly a kite in what is known as the “Windy City”… why would you want to go there? Do they have any famous theme parks, world class ski destinations, or interesting historical excursions? What is so great about visiting Chicago?

The answer to those questions are all contained in the words “The Chicago Blackhawks”. Chicago tourism should realize that the hockey team known as the Chicago Blackhawks is the only reason for anyone to travel to such a destination. The team has such a rich history in the sport of hockey and recently they have been playing like the true champions that their history requires.

Yes, they are on top of their game. With a recent Stanley Cup to show for their efforts and a first place lead this year… they are an exciting young team to follow. However, things have not always been so positive for the team. They have had many years of disappointment and lack-luster efforts.

One of the benefits of having poor performance years in a row is that you are eligible to receive high draft picks. Not all teams however, have the ability to turn those high picks into quality players. Not so with the Chicago Blackhawks. Many sub par years produced excellent prospects that have turned out to be top-notch, skilled players. This my friend, is one of the secrets to success in the National Hockey League.

True, there are other successful teams that have gone this route. Pittsburgh Penguins are such a team. There are however, many teams that just keep struggling and performing bad only to draft their picks also very poorly. The Calgary Flames are a recent example. They continue to disappoint their fans with uninspired and sloppy play.

Chicago does have a history of other successful sporting teams. The Chicago Bears and the Chicago Bulls both have had their glory days. The Chicago Cubs on the other hand have been a disappointment for decades. Their fans continue to hope and wait and hope and wait. The Cubs team in Chicago though, is the exception rather than the rule.

You may find it strange that someone would only want to visit a city because of a hockey team. But is that really so abnormal? Many sporting fans from many countries are enamored with only just that. They save their hard earned dollars so as to take a vacation following their favorite team. It allows them to spend some time away from the pressures and anxieties of their everyday mundane existence. So if I were to visit a website for Chicago Tourism would I find as an attraction, tickets to the Chicago Blackhawk’s games. If it was available, then I would surly purchase those tickets and I would pack my bags and take a trip to the “Windy City”. Not to be cruel but, besides that… what else does the city really have to offer?

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