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Con Survival Tips For Newbies

Con Survival Tips For Newbies Whether you’re about to go to your first convention or your twenty-first convention, it’s important that you make sure you’re ready. I’ve assembled a list of tips that’ll help you survive travelling to a convention. This advice will work whether you’re going to ComicCon or a small convention near you.

If you’re planning on wearing a costume like most convention goers, it’s important that you pack a costume repair kit with you! Costumes are notorious for ripping or breaking at the absolute worst times. So it’s important that you have what you’ll need to do minor repairs. Now you don’t need to bring an entire workshop with you, but you should have the basics to fix small problems. A sewing kit, scissors, and some super glue should be the absolute minimum you pack with you!

If your costume requires a prop weapon, make sure you check the convention’s policies on weapons ahead of time. Most of them have bans on live steal and projectile weapons at the very least, and some are very strict on what they allow. So before you lug a prop weapon across the country or state, check and make sure you’re allowed to have it with you!

Remember to drink lots of water during the convention! Most conventions are three full days and you can be running non-stop. It’s really easy to get caught up in everything and forget to drink water. This is the worst mistake you can make. It’s very easy to get dehydrated since most conventions tend to be hot from the number of people walking around. The last thing you want is to have to be rushed to the hospital because you passed out.

Just like it’s important to drink water, it’s also important for you to eat at the very least, one meal each day. This doesn’t mean eat a small bowl of ramen noodles and an energy bar. This means sit down, get yourself a nice meal, and replenish the nutrients your body needs!

Just as it’s important to refuel your body every day, it’s also important to clean your body every day. Whether you’re going to a convention that has 500 people or one that has 22,000 people, there’s going to be a lot of people in one small area. You don’t want to stand next to someone that smells like they haven’t bathed in a week. And no one is going to want to stand next to you if you smell like that either.

You also need to make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep each night. While it may sound like fun to drink energy drinks and stay up all night, trust me, it’s not worth it. Your body will hate you at the end of the convention and you’ll regret not getting a couple hours of sleep.

Traveling to your first convention can be pretty scary. But if you take a deep breath and remember everything here, you’ll have a great time. Going to conventions is a lot of fun, so try not to stress too hard!

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