PrestaShop Documentation

Creating an Order

One of the features of PrestaShop is the ability to create an order directly from the back office. For instance, this is tremendously useful when a customer wants to buy a product but does not succeed, and you need to take the hand and make the order while on the phone or during an e-mail conversation with the customer.

Clicking “Add new order” opens a new page with a single text field, labeled “Search for a customer”. When creating a new order through the back office, your first task is to associate that order with a customer. Type the first letters of the customer first name, last name or e-mail address, and PrestaShop will display the matching accounts.

If the customer you are creating this order for does not have a user account already, you can create one on the fly: click the “Add new customer” button to open a window with the main account details ready to fill. Once the account is saved, it becomes the chosen account for the order.

Note that you will also have to register the customer’s address – an “Add new address” button is available at the bottom of the page, in the “Addresses” section.

Click the “Choose” button for the correct customer, and the whole order form appears. Its main section, “Cart”, is where you will make all the necessary product decisions for this order. You can also choose to use a previous order from the customer, or a previously abandoned cart.

The page also enables you to see the previous carts and orders from that customer, if any. If it turns out you are dealing with a cart that a customer somehow cannot validate, you can use that cart for this order by clicking on the “Use” action button.

The “Search for a product” field enables you to dynamically find products to add: type the first letters of its name and PrestaShop will fill a drop-down list with matching products. Choose a product, select a quantity, and click “Add to cart” button. You can, of course, choose among the many combinations of a product, if any, in the “Combination” drop-down list that appears in that case.
Note that PrestaShop gives you an indication of the remaining stock for a given product, which enables you to tell the customer that you are out of stock for said product right from the order form.

If needed, you can also grant that order a voucher/cart rule, and even create one on the fly by clicking on the “Add new voucher” button.

Finally, you need to specify to which address the order should be delivery (and possibly billed). Here, again, you can create new addresses on the fly using the “Add a new address” button.

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