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Doors 101 What To Know When Choosing Interior Doors

Doors 101 – What To Know When Choosing Interior Doors One thing that many people overlook when remodeling their home is their interior doors. Doors do more than offer privacy; they also offer another way to incorporate design elements into your home’s interior. The following article can be used as a guideline to use when choosing new interior doors. Continue reading to learn how to choose interior doors.

Solid Core Or Hollow Doors

When you visit your local home improvement store, you may notice that interior doors come in a variety of style and colors. You may also notice that prices can vary greatly from door to door. One of the main reasons for the differences in price is the type of door it is. Solid core doors are made from solid wood; thus they are more expensive. Hollow doors use thin pieces of wood making them less expensive.

Paint Grade Interior Doors Versus Stain Grade Doors

Door come in two qualities: stain grade interior doors and paint grade doors. Stain grade interior doors are made of wood and can be stained. Paint grade doors are generally made from medium density fiberboard. For this reason, paint grade doors are less expensive than stain grade doors.

Door Slabs Or Pre-hung Doors

While browsing through your home improvement store, you may notice that some doors are extremely cheap. Most doors that are really inexpensive are door slabs. With this type of door you must hang it from your existing door frame. This type of door can be more difficult to hang; however, with a little preparation it can easily be accomplished by the majority of homeowners. Pre-hung doors include the framing and trim. These doors are easily installed by removing your current door and nailing the new pre-hung door in the opening.

Door Styles

There are numerous door styles to choose from. Whether you want a traditional look or a contemporary look, you can find it at your local home improvement store. One of the more common door styles is the panel door. A panel door consists of several square panels, generally either six equally spaced squares.

How Does Your Door Swing?

One thing that most people do not think of when purchasing a door is how the door swings. How a door swings is based on where the door knob and hinges are located. Doors can be either left handed or right handed. To figure out which one you need stand on the inside of your door and look at your doorknob. If the doorknob is on the right as it swings toward you, then you need a right handed door. If on the other hand, it’s on the left, you will need a left handed door.

As this article has shown, there are many things to consider when choosing your interior doors. Follow the advice located above to help ensure you choose the best options the next time you purchase new doors for your home. You can give your home a new and improved look by doing nothing more than changing out your existing interior doors.

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