Depression Guide

Effects of Depression

Effects of Depression Depression affects more than just the depressed person. It affects everyone around them. Many times the depressed person doesn’t even realize how depressed they are. It’s important for a loved one to help the depressed person get the medical help they need.

Visit The Doctor

Many depressed persons are resistant to seeing the doctor about their depression. Statistics show that the sooner a person seeks therapy and medication, the sooner they can enjoy living their life.

Stay On Medications

Many persons suffering from depression mistakenly think that after they’ve been taking their medications for a time they don’t need them anymore. This is a false sense of reality. In truth, they still need the medication. It’s the effects of the medication that are helping them to feel better and be happier. There are many available medications to treat depression. If one doesn’t work the doctor will go to another one until they find the right one for the patient.

Mistakenly Stopping Medications

While adults shouldn’t have to be observed to make sure they are still taking medications, it’s sometimes necessary to be a casual observer. If they stop taking their medications you should gently remind them that they forgot to take them. Naturally, they will pretend they forgot. Hopefully they will take them. If not, it’s time to notify their doctor. Call their doctor and let the doctor know that the medication isn’t being taken and let the doctor know how long you think it’s been since they took their medication.


As a loved one of a depressed person you may wish to keep a journal of the persons progress. If they stop taking medications note it in the journal along with the date and any noted effects. Changes in diet, behavoir and sleep patterns should all be recorded in this journal. Review this with the doctor if the patient is off track. Note: the patient may be very angry if he or she finds said journal so be careful. It is important for the doctor to know these things for the patients care.

Check Up Time

Their doctor will generally call them in for a check up or visit. Go with the patient and be gentle but firm that they need to take their medication to remain feeling well. Try to let the doctor do the convincing from there. Doctors are very experienced in dealing with such issues and will help the patient to see the need for their medication.

Counseling Therapy

Many patients benefit from counseling and “talk” therapy. This allows the patient to air their concerns. If this is done in a group setting the patient may realize that they’re not alone in their feelings.

The Struggle

People suffering from depression struggle with feelings of inadequacy, self esteem issues and general anxiety. They can make everyone around them miserable and blame everyone around them for their problems. This isn’t a healthy way to live for the depressed person or those around him or her.

Don’t let your loved one suffer needlessly, go with them to the doctor today and get them the help they need.

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