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Home Improvement Projects Reinventing the Garage Floor

Home Improvement Projects: Reinventing the Garage Floor Many homeowners eager to do some type of home improvement project around the house should consider reinventing their garage floor. There are many types of products that can be used on the garage floor to enhance its functionality, and decrease the amount of slush and debris that is often tracked through the house.

The floor of the garage can be one of the filthiest places in the home. There is often times debris, mildew, mold and dirt brought in from the outside that harbors on the floor of the porous concrete. While it is a strong a durable product, it does need to be protected by having some kind of component applied to its surface. There are a variety of solutions that work well as a weekend home improvement project for the excited do-it-yourselfer that wants to increase equity in the home.

Removing the debris from the porous concrete of the garage floor can be a challenge. However, there are many products available that are easily applied including garage floor paint, and epoxy solutions that can add a hard surface that is both waterproof, and easy to clean.

Additionally, rubber tiles can be added to the garage floor in a variety of colors that can add a decorative sprucing up of the area. The installed rubber tires are highly resistant to stains and offer a slip proof environment that works well on rainy days. This resilient surface also doubles as an effective noise buffer and makes it easy to walk on. The installation process of rubber tiles is extremely easy. Every tile simply snaps with another, allowing the homeowner to choose the size and area that will be covered with the rubber coating.

Using epoxy-based coating is the ideal way to maximize the durability of a garage floor. This type of product is highly resistant to oil and stains, and is available in a variety of colors, or can be mixed to specifically match or complement an existing color. While these types of coatings are expensive, they are simple to lay down, especially when following the directions. For any handy do-it-yourselfer, this is an easy project that can transform the garage floor over a weekend.

Having some type of waterproof system applied over the existing is an easy way to keep clean. With a simple washing of soap and water, the surface of a painted garage floor or one that has installed epoxy coatings can easily be maintained. It can add a beautiful aesthetically pleasing appearance to the interior of the garage, while improving its functionality.

Once the new flooring has been laid down, consider all the other options of using the area. The unused space in the garage can easily be transformed into a workshop, man space, or an effective storage area. With a little forethought, and creative planning, it is easy to take unused space inside the room, and create something that is fully functional and will add equity to the home.

With a few simple products, any do-it-yourself homeowner can reinvent their garage floor, and maximize its efficiency.

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