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Home Improvements Large and Small

Home Improvements Large and Small Whether you are a new homeowner or have been in your existing home for years, home improvements seem to be in the mind of every homeowner. There are different reasons for home improvements. Some people need to update a few things, while others want to do a complete overhaul, or even make improvements in order to sell their home or receive a higher appraisal.

Whatever the reason, there are several things to consider before reaching for the sledge hammer and wallpaper scraper. You will need to determine the reason for your remodel and the costs involved. If you just want to spruce things up a bit then you might consider some smaller investment projects. An upgrade that also can be a good investment is landscaping. This can be a low investment project, or can cost quite a bit depending on what work you do, but it usually pays for itself with appraisals.

Just having a nicely groomed yard with some flowers, plants or shrubs gives a nice curb appeal and lets others know that you take care of your home. Once in place, it will take some consistent grooming to keep things looking nice. One larger yard investment that does not always pay off in a sale is a new pool. The cost of the pool usually outweighs a return on investment at a sale, unless you know you will be in that home for years to come.

There are other outdoor things to consider, too, like windows, the roof, fencing, and the exterior of the home. These are larger ticket items, so may need to be done in phases, unless you are doing a home overhaul and have some insurance money or loan money to use. If selling your home though, these items will be a part of an appraisal and may be noted for repair or replacement.

For the inside of the house, you will want to consider any projects that may be eye sores or are not working properly. Fixing a broken toilet or faucet can save money in the long run. Other repairs that may be less expensive are laminate counter tops in the kitchen, polishing a wood floor or cabinet doors, adding a fresh coat of paint to a room, or repairing broken doors and cleaning the carpets. These minor fixes can add an extra sparkle to any home.

If you are able to dive into a larger remodel, maybe consider upgrading your kitchen or a bathroom. These usually are larger ticket items, but pay off in a sale. Other repairs that usually have return on investment, for you or in a sale, are wooden floors, new windows, new attic insulation, and a deck or patio make over.

As with any home improvement project, consider cost, time involved, the work to be done and the reason for the repair or upgrade. Check to see if you are required to have a permit from the city for the work to be done. If you are hiring the work done, be sure to check their credentials and other projects they have completed. Many things you can do yourself though with just a little bit of elbow grease.

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