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How My Personal Development Journey Changed My Life

How My Personal Development Journey Changed My Life I recognize that every individual feels depressed at one point or another in their lifetime. However, for me it was chronic, and something that never went away. I had seen doctors that prescribed medications, therapist that wanted to clear my head, and friends that tried everything to make me feel better. It was not until I took the initiative on my own, and realized that there were natural ways I could feel better, that my depression finally went away.

A Previous Life

For years I was the biggest junk food eater that I knew. I consumed fast food products, ate chips and candy, and drank endless amounts of soda as my three square meals each day. When I was younger, I never seem to put on weight. It was only until I grew into adulthood, that my body was reacting horribly to my actions. Eventually, I recognized that I was really overweight, and feeling very depressed by what I saw in the mirror.

At the same time that I was eating uncontrollably, I was enjoying huge amounts of alcohol. For me, I could not drink enough beer. As a result, my body started reacting, making me feel lethargic and depressed nearly all of the time.

Needless to say I had no real relationships in my life, because I felt miserable about myself, and totally depressed. Within time, I had lost all will to want to socially interact with any other person, and simply cocooned myself at home.

A Transformed Life

Because I knew that my depression was caused by outside forces, and bad behaviors, I knew that I could transform my life by making changes. I began with my diet. I started eating better foods, and cooking my own meals, instead of relying on fast food restaurants. I ate smaller portions, and more times each day. Now, after just two years my body is totally transform, and I no longer look anything like I used to. This is a good thing.

At the same time, I gave up drinking huge amounts of beer. Now I avoid alcohol completely. I realized what would be the point of drinking alcohol as a way to feel better, when it only made me feel depressed before. I soon realized that most of my depression was eliminated once I eliminated the alcohol.

My next action was to become more socially involved with others. I started participating in activities at work, at home, in the neighborhood, and with my friends. I soon went from being the most depressed person in the room, to being the happiest. I turned into a magnet where others wanted to hang around me, to have my happiness rub off on them.

Although the total transformation took nearly 2 years from beginning to end, I am finally at the point where my depression is gone for good. I no longer am a victim of my own bad behaviors, and am living a life that I always dreamed I should have. By eating better, drinking less, and taking a proactive stance, I believe nearly anyone can create a personal development plan to enjoy a healthier life.

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