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How to Handle Depression over the Loss of a Relationship or Job

How to Handle Depression over the Loss of a Relationship or Job There are all types of outside forces that can make a person depressed. It can be the loss of a job, spending the holidays alone, or lack of friends. Anyone of these outside forces can cause a person’s inner perspective to take a wrong turn, and create a depressed state. However, there are things that can be done to reverse this condition and bring more positivity back into an individual’s life.

Losing a Job

Researchers found that losing a job is not only an upsetting emotional problem, but one that can quickly create a high level of depression. Many people lose themselves in their work, and feel abandoned when they lose their job. As a result, they tend to shy away from social activities and pull themselves into a protective shell as a way to avoid interacting with others.

Alone for the Holidays

Many of the holidays throughout the year including Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s and others are often a time for social interactivity. However, for those individuals that spend the holidays alone, they often feel an overwhelming sense of depression. It may be that their personality is simply not outward going enough to gain new friends, or get involved in a social environment. As a result, they can quickly become depressed anytime a holiday arrives.

Out of a Relationship

Many of us tend to put all of our eggs in a single basket when we are in a relationship. All of our happiness, desires and joys are usually found in the relationship with another individual. When we find ourselves out of a relationship, it can wreak havoc on our internal self-esteem and quickly cause a level of depression that seems unmanageable. As a result, we tend to shy away from any experience where there is social interactivity, which only helps exacerbate the depressing problem.

Finding Relief

There are certain things that any individual can do to find relief from high levels of depression caused by outside forces. However, to be successful requires a high level of commitment of not wanting to live with these conditions anymore. It requires becoming more involved in a social environment, finding a new job, or seeking out new relationships.

The First Step

There is no need to jump into the deep end of the pool just to make a change in your life. The first step can be simple. It can be all focused on you. By becoming more active, starting an exercise routine and developing better eating habits, you will likely make a more positive change and eliminate your depression.

By going for a long walk every day, or performing strenuous exercise, the body will automatically produce endorphins which will elevate your mood. Consider working out 20 to 30 minutes every day so that your body has enough time to create the endorphins. You will immediately start feeling better and the process will become addictive where you will want to exercise seven days a week.

There are ways to avoid becoming depressed when losing a job, losing a relationship, or spending the holidays alone. It requires a high level of commitment to seek out all the positive ways of altering your life for the better to alleviate depression.

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