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Living With Depression How To Cope Each Day

Living With Depression: How To Cope Each Day Many people feel the pains of depression when they can’t get out of bed each morning or they suffer from constant anxiety. Even if your antidepressant medication is helping, you can’t help but feel like your depression will never end. When getting through each day of your life becomes a challenge, below are some simple things that you can try for relief.

Take small steps each day to give yourself some relief from depression. It’s okay if you don’t feel like getting out of bed, stretching or even making tea. Instead of pushing yourself, make a small sacrifice of doing something like smiling or stretch for a few seconds. You won’t feel the want or need to do any of those things, but it can help your recovery if you take small steps forward.

A small amount of exercise can become beneficial to your mental health as it releases endorphins which help your sense of accomplishment. You certainly don’t need to do any heavy exercising, but a slow walk in the park or a ride on your bicycle, can help you focus on nature for a while. You will feel trapped inside your own mind, but take a few seconds to focus on something like a tree or a flower that is outside of your depressive state.

Most people don’t understand what it means to be depressed and that you are unable to see the silver lining in anything. Smiling is not something that you are mentally capable of, but instead of explaining it to others, pretend you’re okay for a few minutes. It is better to hide your depression than to be stuck explaining it to people who just won’t understand.

Have someone you can write down your feelings to. Writing emails to someone close to you can help you distance yourself from the negativity that you are experiencing in your mind. When you feel like you are stuck, drawing or doodling can help you get your mind working again. You don’t have to be an artist, just simple scribbles can help or try something called Zentangle.

Talk to a close friend and just ask them to listen to you. It is often hard to get friends to stop commenting or trying to make you feel better, but let them know you just want them to lend an ear. Let your friend know to only talk and comment if you specifically have asked.

Sometimes all you really need to is just to let go and let your emotions out through crying or screaming. It is not something you would obviously do at work or in front of your children, but when you’re alone, it’s okay to release your inner emotions.

Living with depression is not easy and millions of people each year have to learn how to cope. Meanwhile, your treatment may seem to be working, you still need to go the extra mile to make sure you recover. Consider the advice you’ve just read to help you cope!

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