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Newfoundland A Jewel On The Atlantic

Newfoundland- A Jewel On The Atlantic When I was a young lad growing up in the beautiful province of British Columbia, I always remember the many stories that were told of the province of Newfoundland. I thought that since I lived close to the Pacific Ocean that obviously their province had the same natural beauties as my own province. It was not until years later that I was surprised to learn that how wrong I was.

I was able to afford the wonderful privilege of visiting Newfoundland by means of the Internet. I started out my adventure by visiting a Newfoundland tourism webpage. It contained a wealth of information on all of the exciting places to go, things to do and where to stay. So, you can start your vacation to Newfoundland by just relaxing in the comfort of your home and utilizing your internet connection.

The people in Newfoundland are known for their and friendly hospitable nature. It has been mentioned that Newfoundland is one of the best destinations in the world to go for meeting friendly people. We live in an unfriendly world and going to a place where people are all friendly would be a refreshing change. Many that live there in the province of Newfoundland have a real knack for telling awesome tales of old. If you enjoy such types of storytelling, you should visit one of the many colorful and unique drinking establishments. Once again, check out your options of where to find such adventures with the Newfoundland tourism provincial website. Some of the things that are available to do are iceberg watching, bird watching excursions, diving, whale watching, kayaking, and so much more. The island is tiny in relation to the other ten provinces of Canada, but you will still need a lot of time to properly explore this jewel in the Atlantic.

Do you like to talk about the weather? Newfoundland has a delightful daily display of weather conditions. They say that it can be very uncertain, but the variety is what will make your visit to this island a truly unique one. It is true what they say about the air. It is a real treat to breathe because it is refreshing and pure. There is no smog to clog your lungs, only a clean, unpolluted breeze that comes from the sea air.

There are many places for you to visit. The list is endless and includes, lighthouse parks, art museums, or scenic touring routes. Some of the parks offer relaxing vacations. Terra Nova National Park, or the adventurous Torngat Mountains are just a few of these. Do you enjoy skiing, if so why not visit to the ski resort at White Hills? It is just two hours away from St. John’s and it provides you with a huge acreage of skiing and snowboarding trails..

One of the main reasons that a person should visit Newfoundland tourism before you make travel plans is to go to the “Frequently Asked Questions” page. The bottom line is that you want to enjoy your trip to Newfoundland. This is made possible by making the proper preparations in advance so as to avoid any unpleasant experiences. Bonn Voyage!

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