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Personal Development And The Art Of Deliberate Practice

Personal Development And The Art Of Deliberate Practice Personal development involves many things that make a person attempt to make themselves a better person. These are usually behavioral and mental tactics that are employed to curve negative habits and grow and nurture positive ones. One that is rarely discussed by just as important is deliberate practice, Keep reading to learn more about how important this is to your personal development.

Deliberate practice involves learning and gaining new skills and expertise. It is reliant on lots and lots of practice. This isn’t just the kind of “a few hours here and there” kind of practice. This involves the kind of practice that happens daily and takes years to craft into a great talent. There is research out there that shows that the quality of your practice is just as important as your quantity. Those supposed “experts” of some of these talents are thought to be experts only because they were doing “expert-level” practice. This is exactly what deliberate practice involves and, if done properly, it can be very powerful to add to your personal development goals.

The concept of “natural abilities’ as many like to repeat about just about every talent out there is most likely not a big a part in a person’s talents as it was originally thought. In fact, it is now thought to not even be that big of a factor in a person’s talents. It is believed that differences in peoples’ talents are not immutable. It is commonly argued that expert-level people with expert-level talents differ greatly from those within normal range and that it is possibly “natural” or linked to “good genes.” Very few genetic differences exist in people and they are generally physical characteristics. Research shows that it most likely has nothing to do with genes but with spending a life-long period that is devoted to a particular talent with the hopes of bettering performance in their particular area of interest.

So, what does this mean to you? Have you ever wanted to take up an interest, but declined to do so because you think that you are not talented to do it? If so, then you should rethink your decision. It has been found that what you are born with has little to do with what you can do. It actually relies more on the fact that you deliberately and consistently do it. This way of thinking can help you eventually improve your performance at whatever it is that you’re working so hard at. This can be any kind of talent from signing to drawing to learning languages to sports. While some sports do benefit from certain genetic factors, many others, you can overcome the expert cognitive ability differences by being motivated and practicing constantly.

Deliberate practice requires taking baby steps and continuously repeating them until they become second nature. Once you grasp one thing, you move on to the next, and so on, and so forth. Eventually, you will reach that level of expertise that you think is unattainable. It may take years of hard work and practice, but if you love something and want it badly enough, you can do it. You can come out of this a stronger, more talented person with a better outlook on life. And that is what personal development is all about. Good luck to you!

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