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Personal Development Developing a New You

Personal Development: Developing a New You Personal development can mean many things. You can develop better interpersonal relationships, new talents or even a new career. One aspect of personal development is one that many people desire-the development of improved health, fitness and looks. Below, you will find tips that will help you get started toward a healthier, fabulous you!


If you are one of the many people who put off medical visits, or physical exams, your first step in getting healthier is to make an appointment with your physician. You will need a complete physical exam, including bloodwork. Your doctor can also recommend any age-appropriate health screenings you may need, including mammogram, diabetes screening and colonoscopy. These things are tedious, to be sure, but you cannot become the healthy person you want to be without first getting a clean bill of health.


Once you have that clean bill of health, take a look at your body. Do you need to lose a few pounds, or even 50? Extra weight can put you at risk for many dangerous health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke and sleep apnea. You can reduce these risks by adopting healthier eating habits. You do not have to follow a diet plan to lose weight. Simply switch unhealthy carbs, like white bread, white rice and pasta, for whole grain options. Eat plenty of salad and vegetables, and stick to lean proteins fish, legumes and beans. Instead of unhealthy fats, such as butter and margarine, opt for olive oil and avocados instead. As you improve your diet, the pounds will come off easily, and painlessly.


You cannot achieve total fitness without implementing some type of exercise plan. If you are very overweight, you should begin by taking long, brisk walks, one of the best exercises available. As you gain strength, stamina and weight loss, you may wish to join a gym, or exercise class where you can get fitter. Finding a buddy, or workout partner can eliminate some of the drudgery of exercising alone.

Your Look

After you have lost some weight, and are in better physical condition, it is time to focus on your outward appearance. If you are like most people, you may be in a rut, wearing the same hairstyle and clothes that you have for years. Make an appointment with a good stylist, and ask what would look best on you. Then, let them have their way with your hair. Try a make-up consultant to give you ideas for a new, modern look. While you are out, a manicure and massage will get your spirits up.


Take a look in your closet. Are your clothes modern and stylish, or are they old, outdated and the wrong size? It may be time to go on a fun shopping spree with a friend, or even a daughter, to create a new wardrobe that will complement your new look. Be brave, trying bold colors, and trendy styles. You may even be surprised that you now fit into smaller sizes!

Creating a new look for yourself can be an important phase in your personal development plan. When you are self-confident, and pleased with the way you look and feel, you will be ready to tackle new goals and achievements in your life!

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