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Personal Development Starts The Moment You Wake Up

Personal Development Starts The Moment You Wake Up I am on the path of self-improvement. Every day I focus on personal development, but I noticed something very interesting. Improving our mindset, our health, and our financial standing is on a timetable that we often overlook. Almost every top motivational speaker, guru, and coach tells us about the importance of the first moments of the day, but we try to ignore them. I want to explain to you why you must start listening to their advice and capture those precious moments.

What is the biggest determining factor in your productivity? It is your mindset. If you are thinking positive thoughts, feel motivated, and confident, you achieve more. You get more work done in the office and it is higher in quality. Your workout in the gym is more intense and you feel great when the workout is finished. At what time of the day should you start to feel positive, motivated, and excited about life?

The only time you can capture the most advantage from the day is the moment you wake up. That is the time you should start feeding your mind the motivation and inspiration it needs. We suggest you do a few things in those first critical moments of the day.

• Read your goals immediately when you wake up.

• Spend five minutes living in your goals.

• Turn on a motivational audio or video.

• Exercise

To get the maximum benefit from your personal development program start every morning by reading your goals aloud. Keep a copy of them beside your bed so they are ready for your morning reading. If you are worried about waking up your spouse, then take the list to your bathroom and read them while looking in the mirror.

The next step is visualization. Take a few minutes to see your goals already achieved. Let the idea fill your mind with visions of driving the new car, walking through the new house, holding the cash in your hands, or feeling strong and fit. Whatever your goals are, make sure you paint as bright and vivid of a picture as possible to get your emotions engaged.

Motivational audio and video can make a major difference in your life. We recommend listening anytime you get a chance, but those early morning minutes are ideal. Get your mind focused on success before the rest of day begins to increase your productivity and focus on your goals.

Exercise is just as crucial as taking care of your mind. You will discover when your day starts with exercise, you have more energy all day long. We recommend combining exercise and motivational audio for the most impact. Think about how motivated you will feel after listening to motivating music and speakers while you exercise. You are going to feel powerful, excited, and ready to tackle any obstacle in your path.

Personal development is an all day event, but those first moments of the day are crucial. Take advantage of those moments and see how it affects your life. You will find that first hour of the day is more precious than the other hours of the day. Try it for yourself and find out.

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