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Places To Visit In Peru

Places To Visit In Peru Sooner or later, anyone who wants to be called a world traveler must visit Peru in order to be worthy of such a lofty title. For many, Peru conjures up images of hidden ancient ruins, breathtaking mountain views, and secluded jungle villages. Peru is all this and much more! While visiting other countries in South America is always appealing, a traveler could easily stay within this single country and never see all there is to see. What are some places to visit in Peru?

Almost all travelers to Peru start in Lima. This capital city of Peru is home to the Jorge Chavez International Airport. While some find the city to be very dusty and dirty, there is much to do here and the weather won’t interfere with your plans since it never rains in Lima.

Don’t miss the Magic Water Tour- a park of beautiful water fountains located in downtown Lima. Boasting 13 fountains, the Magic Water Tour holds the world record for being the largest fountain complex in the world. Many of these fountains are interactive and very fun for young and old alike. There is a tunnel of water which you can pass through. There is also an automated walk-thru fountain that many children in raincoats frequent. Be sure to go at night to see the fantastic light shows that are put on several times a night.

For those who like winter sports, a trip north to the city of Huaraz would be most rewarding. This city sits at an elevation of 10,013 feet in the mountains of the Cordillera Blanca. It is home to Huascarán, a snowy mountain considered to be the highest in all the tropics, peaking at 22,205 feet. Popular winter sports to experience here are climbing, snowboarding, and hiking. This truly is a beautiful area of Peru.

If you are into shopping for locally made earrings and hand-woven purses, Cajamarca is the place to visit. For those who suffer from altitude sickness, Cajamarca rests at a more reasonable 8,900 feet above sea level. Surrounding the hill of Santa Apolonia in Cajamarca, you will be able to buy beautiful multi-colored purses for as little as $2.50. If you are looking for nice but inexpensive souvenirs, Cajamarca is the place to visit.

Close by Cajamarca are the ancient ruins of Cumbe Mayo. These ruins are not as frequently visited by tourists as many of the others in Peru, but they are truly fascinating. The landscape is other-worldly and like no other. Archaeologists still don’t completely understand the ancient civilization that lived among these ruins.

Finally, no trip to Peru is complete without visiting its greatest tourist attraction: Machu Picchu. It is often called “The Lost City of the Incas.” This wonder of the modern world was truly one of the most interesting discoveries of the 20th Century. With nearly 2,500 tourists visiting Machu Picchu every day, you don’t want to miss seeing this place. These are just a few places to visit in Peru.

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