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Prestashop how to set a 10% discount for a customer group

In PrestaShop, you can set a 10% discount for a customer group by following these steps:

Log in to the back office of your PrestaShop store.

Navigate to the “Discounts” tab, then click on “Price Rules”

Click on the “Add new” button to create a new price rule.

In the “Price rule information” section, enter a name for the price rule, such as “10% discount for customer group”

In the “Conditions” section, select “Customer is in a specific customer group” from the drop-down menu and then select the customer group that you want to apply the discount to.

In the “Actions” section, select “Percentage” from the drop-down menu and enter “10” in the discount field.

In the “Validity” section, you can set a date range for the discount to be applied, or leave it as “Always valid”

Click on “Save”

Once you’ve set up the price rule, the 10% discount will be automatically applied to all products in the cart for customers that belong to the selected customer group.


You can also set a discount for specific products, categories or suppliers.
You can also set a minimum purchase amount or a minimum quantity for the discount to be applied.
You can also set a maximum amount of usage for the discount.
You can also set the priority of the discount.

By setting discounts for specific customer groups, you can encourage loyalty, reward frequent customers, and increase sales. Additionally, this feature allows you to create customized promotions, discounts, and special offers for specific groups of customers.

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