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PrestaShop multi-store with multiple domains settings

PrestaShop allows you to set up a multi-store environment with multiple domains, enabling you to manage multiple online stores from a single PrestaShop installation. Each store can have its own domain name, product catalog, prices, and other settings. This feature is particularly useful if you want to run multiple online stores for different regions or product niches.

To set up PrestaShop with multiple stores using different domains, follow these general steps:

  1. Configure Your Server and Domains:
    • Ensure that your server supports multiple domains and that you have access to manage DNS settings for each domain.
    • Set up each domain to point to the same server where your PrestaShop installation is hosted.
  2. Enable Multi-Store in PrestaShop:
    • Log in to your PrestaShop back office as an administrator.
    • Go to “Advanced Parameters” and then “Multistore.”
    • Select the “Enable Multistore” option and choose “Share Customers” or “Share Customers and Orders” depending on your requirements. This determines whether customer accounts and orders are shared across all stores or kept separate.
  3. Add New Stores:
    • After enabling multistore, you can add new stores to your PrestaShop installation.
    • Go to “Advanced Parameters” and then “Multistore,” and click on the “Add new shop” button.
    • Enter the required information for the new store, such as shop name, shop group, default language, default currency, and shop domain.
  4. Configure Shop Associations:
    • For each product and category, you can specify which shops it belongs to. Edit a product or category, and in the “Associations” tab, choose the shops where it should be available.
  5. Configure Shop URLs:
    • To ensure each shop uses its respective domain, go to “Preferences” and then “SEO & URLs.”
    • Under the “Set shop URL” section, you can define the base URL for each store. Select the shop from the drop-down menu and enter its domain in the appropriate field.
  6. Test and Verify:
    • Test each domain to ensure that the respective stores are loading correctly with their unique settings.
    • Verify that products, categories, and other data are appropriately assigned to the correct stores.

Remember, setting up a multi-store environment with multiple domains requires careful planning and testing. Be sure to backup your PrestaShop installation and database before making significant changes to your store’s configuration.

Please note that the steps and user interface might change in newer versions of PrestaShop, so it’s always a good idea to consult the official PrestaShop documentation or community forums for the most up-to-date instructions and guidelines.

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