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This prestashop addons available at prestashop marketplace helps administrator to add box popup for Social Media like for selected languages with option to customize popup dimensions on home page of store. This feature will help to increased exposure to potential customers lower marketing expenses, reach a targeted audience, build brand loyalty, increase store traffic and boost SEO.

This module provide feature to show title for different language store based on language selection from back-office.

For German store different title, French store different title etc. This helps show same language text on multiple language stores.

Social media is considered the most popular media in the world, and is quickly becoming a MUST to include in a company’s marketing campaigns. Social marketing is very new, and companies must stay on top of how to use these tools to improve their positions in their industries.

Social media pages are indexed by the search engines, allowing greater search engine optimization and leading to more cross-promotion in other social and email marketing channels

This helps to increase popularity of your store among people.


 – Facility to add popup title, page URL, height, width and related information from back-office.
– Search facility in back-office.
– Showcase like box with back-office options in front-office

 Benefits to Merchants

 – Customer’s trust your products & services.
– Maintain existing customers & Attract new customers.
– Increase in sales and store traffic.
– Lower marketing expenses, exposure to potential customers, reach targeted audiences.

 Benefits to Customers

 – Customer relationship improvement and management.
– Customers easily know about your products, services, events and engagement in store.


– Upload module zip file from back-office Module & Services menu tab
– Install module using install button.
– Visit module management page from back-office “More” area (section)
– Please watch module installation,configuration and how to use video on our youtube channel.
– Module works without doing any change in existing Prestashop file so that existing customization and theme change do not effect.
– This prestashop addon was developed for versions 1.5.x,1.6.x and 1.7.x, guaranteeing full compatibility with PrestaShop’s ecommerce software.
– We provide free technical and feature support in installation,configuration, as well as access to updates available for this product.


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