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Road Trips are a Fun Cheaper Way to Travel

Road Trips are a Fun, Cheaper Way to Travel! If you would love to go on a vacation, but cannot afford flying the whole family or group of friends to an exotic international city, consider a road trip! Whether you would like to go across the entire country or just focus on an interesting place you have never been, road trips are a great alternative for people who like to do things on their own schedule instead of following a guided tour.

Make sure first that you are using a reliable vehicle that doesn’t take too much gas to run. Although minivans and RVs offer a lot of space, they can be gas guzzlers. Opting for an SUV or a larger hatchback can allow the passengers plenty of room to spread out and store necessary items without using up too much gas. If you find out how many miles per gallon the car uses, you can calculate a rough estimate for how much gas will be, too.

Bring an emergency credit card or some emergency cash in case your vehicle breaks down, or your group has to stay in a slightly more expensive hotel. You should always be prepared for the worst, even if it’s unlikely to happen. Buying triple A insurance beforehand can save you a headache if you experience a flat tire, break down, or run out of gas. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially if there are several people counting on making the trip fun!

Think about what kind of activities you want to do before you leave. Would your group like to go camping and hiking, or do they like museums and plays more? Do you plan on going out to eat or having picnics? Make sure you think about what you would like to do the most and budget money for that first. Always have extra on hand in case something unexpected happens, too. If your friends are outdoorsy, you can spend a lot of money on lodging and activities by camping in a state park or similar area.

As for the driving itself, try to bring as many people that can drive as possible. Driving for hours on end can get tiring, and you don’t want the driver to fall asleep at the wheel! Switching out the driver every few hours gives everyone a chance to rest, and keeps all of the passengers safe. Bring plenty of water, blankets, snacks and your own music if possible! The more comfort while in the car, the better the road trip will be. Being in the car with loved ones is part of the fun!

Road trips are a great choice for anyone who likes to explore on their own terms, or has a lower budget than those who can go on Caribbean cruises. Look for great destinations, plan activities and calculate the gas prices before you leave. The more you plan, the more smoothly your trip will go. Have fun and be safe on the road!

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