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Search Engine Optimization – SEO Made Easy Ranking a website on Google, especially for your particular keyword that your website is based around, can make quite a bit of difference in regard to your overall income. SEO experts are constantly taking on new clients that are struggling to get a number one ranking on Google or other search engines.

To be honest, a website that does not have significant targeted traffic is simply not going to do that well. If no one is coming to your website, exactly how are you supposed to make your sales? In this article, we will discuss specific techniques that you can use to optimize your website to rank well on the search engines so you can start getting the traffic that you deserve.

The first thing you need to do with any website that you are trying to optimize is to use H1 tags. These tags are used to target certain content on your website, usually a short phrase, which is usually directly related to the primary keyword and the focus of the website itself. When search engines send their spiders or bots to look at your website, having this H1 tag is a plus. Very similar to the importance of the title tag, it helps to define exactly what your website is about. For example, if you’re targeting “Kindle Books” on your website, then you should have an H1 tag surrounding this particular keyword. To you, it will look much bigger on the website, and to the spiders and bots, it will help them determine what your site is focused upon, and help the search engines rank your website accordingly.

Another thing you need to have on your website are pages that describe who you are. Even though legal pages like a privacy policy, or terms of service page, are very necessary, you need to provide the visitor with a little information about yourself so that you can begin to build a relationship between the two of you.

Even though they may purchase your product at a later point in time because they need to have it, they might actually make the purchase early as long as you provide information about yourself which helps to build trust between the two of you. Adding a little photo of yourself on the “About Me” page, and a short bio on exactly who you are works wonders when it comes to building relationships on the Web.

Finally, you need to use bold and italic tags on some of your keywords. For some reason, these tags are very valuable to search engines. Perhaps it provides a bit of variety for the keywords that they are sifting through. At the very least, it will move you in search engine rankings, which is the goal of search engine optimization. By using the tips resound to in this article, you should be able to improve your ranking the next time that Google spiders your website. SEO doesn’t have to be hard to understand, and hopefully, this has made it a little easier for you.

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