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Selling Your Home As Fast As Possible

Selling Your Home As Fast As Possible When we decide that we are going to move home and it will not take long to find somewhere else, then the main problem is selling the house we are still in. When property markets are slow it can be very difficult to find people to view the property, never mind find someone to buy it. There are a number of ways you can help speed up the whole process, to ensure that you sell the house quicker than what it would usually take.

If you have a garden then you really need to make sure it looks nice. If a garden is in the front of the house, then first impressions will make a big impact on what the buyer thinks about the rest of the house. So if you have rubbish everywhere, the people coming around to view the property may just walk away. It only takes one or two days to clean up a garden. If you hate gardening, or you are elderly or disabled, then employ a local company to do it. If viewers are impressed with the garden, then they will actually try and haggle the price down less than if it was messy.

Make sure the inside of the house is clean. That means no toys lying around the house, no piles of magazines, or junk all over the place. If you do have a lot of clutter, then put it in boxes and store them in the garage, shed or attic. You are looking to move, so some early packing that also cleans the house up will be doing you a big favor.

A smell of fresh paint and wallpaper always impresses potential buyers, so hire a carpet washer and do the floors. Then paint all the parts that are already painted, using white paint, and that includes the ceilings. This makes the place look clean and bright, and brightness tends to make areas look bigger than what they actually are. Make sure all the curtains and blinds are clean, as well as the windows. If wallpaper is dirty, worn or damaged then replace it, it doesn’t cost much.

One thing that people do quite a bit of these days is upgrading the kitchen and bathroom suites prior to selling, especially if the ones installed are old or battered. All you need to do is install the cheapest suites that money can buy, just so that it looks good, and in a lot of cases it can actually add value to your home.

Think of it this way, if you entered a house with tires in the garden, dirty walls inside, a smell of smoke and dogs, a 1960’s green bathroom, and then you go to another property with a lovely front lawn, fresh smells when you walk in, and a new kitchen. Which one would you be more likely to buy? It’s obvious isn’t it? So do to your own home the way you would like to see a home you were viewing.

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