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Selling Your Real Estate without Using a Licensed Realtor

Selling Your Real Estate without Using a Licensed Realtor Selling your own home or business can be an exciting adventure, where you can reap greater rewards without using a licensed realtor. Selling a piece of property as the owner requires that you take full responsibility for promoting, advertising, and handling the transaction of the entire process. You will need to deal with all of the paperwork that is required to complete the sale, and handle all of the sale proceeds through an escrow agent.

To successfully sell any type of real estate requires your full attention to the condition of the property, current marketing trends of real estate in your area, and the knowledge of how to deal with all the paperwork.

It is important to take the time required to fully prepare the home or business for sale. This means cleaning up all areas in and around the property and making any necessary repairs inside and out. It is imperative that you make your home or business as attractive as possible to entice potential buyers. This will make it far easier to sell the property in a shorter amount of time.

You might like to consider staging your business or home to make it look even more attractive. This means removing any clutter in rooms, closets, garages, basements, attics or anywhere that needs a thorough cleaning. Properties without clutter tend to sell quicker than those that are difficult to see because of boxes, too much furniture, or filled closets.

Pricing the real estate is important component to ensure that you get the right price. You will need to do a comparative analysis with all other available property in the area for sale. You can check with public records at the county courthouse to ensure that the price you are asking falls in line with recent sales of property transactions. This will help you determine the current prices for similar products in your neighborhood.

Advertising is a key component to selling your property. You will need to list your property online, with real estate sites including For Sale By Owner, Craigslist, and others. Make sure that you also place large signs on the property itself, and in the surrounding area. Use a flyer box, that has a detailed description of the property, so that anyone individuals walking or driving by can get a lot of data on your property.

Showing the property is a key component to selling it. You will need to perform a walk through with every potential buyer and point out all of the amenities and features in the home or building. Attempt to keep it as clean as possible, so the potential buyer has a good feeling when visiting.

You will need to negotiate with any potential buyer that is making an offer. Make sure that your accepted price through qualified potential buyer includes the cost of inspections and full closing costs. Anytime you lower the price, make sure that you are covering all of the expenses including an existing mortgage before taking the property to escrow.

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