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Social Media Marketing and Businesses

Social Media Marketing and Businesses Every business should take advantage of social media marketing. Social media marketing can provide a business with free advertising and direct visitors to the businesses website. It can also act as a network to interconnect like minded business owners and similar businesses.

Social media marketing is easy to use and convenient. Free of charge, it’s one of the most prolific ways to advertise in today’s economy. Is your business using social media to its potential? Let’s take a look.


Does your business have a presence on facebook? If not you should. Over one million users and growing, facebook offers free pages that will let you link to your website. You can advertise special deals, coupons and more simply by having a fan page for your business. Offer questions and answers in a thread for a change of pace. Get a conversation going and you’ll soon find you have over 100 fans. In time, this number will grow to 500 or even 1000. Don’t miss out on this advertising opportunity. So go ahead and get that page set up. Even if you have to “rent” a high school student to do it, it’s well worth the time you’ve invested in that student to create it.


Okay, now this one might not seem so big to you, but it also reaches thousands of potential customers. Grab that high school student again and get that account set up. Having a good day at work? Tweet about it. Overstocked on a specific item today? Tweet about it and get the word out. Coupon deal available on facebook? Tweet about it.


Google+ is another ideal social media outlet. Get a page set up there and do the same things as on facebook. Your internet presence is an ideal advertising tool so get your business out there and noticed.


Pinterest is rather new on the scene but it’s growing fast. You can virtually “pin” up a picture or something from your website. Update your page daily or even several times per day for the best possible results.


LinkedIn is another ideal social media site. Set up a bit differently you can still take advantage of this site by listing your company business and speciality. Link to other individuals with similar or the same interests and work it all into a nice tidy little network. Your business will grow and you’ll be thankful for the time you spent getting it all set up. Link everything back to your business website.

List your social media icons on your website and say something like, “Follow us on “. Watch your business grow. It’s fun and easy to gain visitors to your website via social media marketing. All the modern businesses are taking advantage of it and many are finding more and more ways to branch their businesses out and expand. Don’t get left behind. These free marketing solutions are booming right now and everyone is rushing to get in on the action.

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