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Some Tips on Getting Ready for Your Cruise Vacation

Some Tips on Getting Ready for Your Cruise Vacation Are you planning your first cruise? Good for you! I know that you are going to have a great time. But now, as you start finalizing your plans, you probably want to know what all you have to before the big day arrives. Well, here are a few tips on getting ready for your cruise vacation.

How much should you pack? Remember whatever you pack you have to carry. You will need to get it to the airport, get it on the plane (many airlines charge for luggage) and then haul it to your hotel and then on to the cruise ship. So the lighter you can pack the better.

That being said, you will need changes of clothing each day. All ships offer laundry service, but on many you will end up paying a premium price. It is worth it for larger items but you really hate to pay to have shorts or tops laundered. In addition, a few ships have coin operated laundromats on board. These can be very helpful if you pack too light.

Many ships have one or two formal nights. If this is the case, do you want to include formal attire? Some folks decide to skip the formal nights and eat in the buffet restaurant instead of the formal dining room. The buffet restaurants generally serve the same menu as the dining room but the setting is never formal. Of course if you like the idea of dressing up, then you will have to pack dressy clothes.

It’s not so bad if you forget to pack sunscreen, but don’t forget to pack your medications! These will not be easily available on your cruise unless you visit the ship’s doctor and those visits can be costly — and they are not generally covered by your health insurance. Also remember to pack a camera.

Travel insurance is a real necessity, especially if you are going outside the country. You can shop travel insurance online and many sites will offer side by side comparisons. Don’t skimp. This insurance is not terribly expensive, especially for seven days. Make sure you choose a policy that includes medical evacuation back to the United States. If you don’t, and you need to be hospitalized in a foreign country, then you will have very few options available to you.

Always plan to arrive in the port city the day before your cruise. There is nothing worse than worrying that a flight delay is going to make you miss your sailing. Getting to the port the day before is much more relaxing. Choose a hotel near the port and then get to the ship around noontime for early boarding. It is very relaxing to board early and enjoy a casual lunch before looking around the ship and getting your bearings.

These are a few useful tips you can use when you are getting ready for your cruise vacation. Bon voyage happy landings! We wish you smooth sailing!

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