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The Advantages of Cruising Over a Land Vacation

The Advantages of Cruising Over a Land Vacation If you are planning a vacation soon, have you considered taking a cruise? Cruises are gaining in popularity and it is really not hard to understand why. In fact, there are many advantages to cruising over a land vacation. Let’s consider some of these and see if you don’t agree.

When you go on a cruise you will not just visit one location, you will visit many. Instead of flying to a city and spending your entire vacation in just one place, when you cruise you are constantly on the move. That means you will visit several exotic cities or islands.

You will usually have a full day to explore each port you visit. So if you are cruising the Mediterranean you will have a full day to see each of the great European cities like Barcelona, Rome, Athens, and many others.

If your cruise vacation takes you to the Caribbean, you will spend a full day on each island you visit — giving you plenty of time to tour the island, go to the beach, scuba, snorkel, or whatever else interests you. Visiting many destinations instead of just one is a major advantage of cruising over a land vacation.

When you travel from city to city on a land vacation, the time you spend driving or flying is not very relaxing. With a cruise it is just the opposite. The time you spend cruising from one island to the next is very relaxing. Perhaps you will spend time by the pool. Lavish meals are prepared in the dining room each evening — and are included in the cost of your cruise. After dinner you can take in a spectacular live show in the ship’s auditorium. These shows change each night and range from comedians to Broadway musicals to magic shows.

After dinner and a show you might have a nightcap and then sleep the night away, only to wake up the next morning refreshed and ready to visit your next port.

One of the nice perks of a cruise is that you normally have one or two days when you are at sea. These days are a real break because visiting a new port every day can tire you out. Our favorite itineraries have sea days between port days. Sea days are great for laying by the pool and to the steel drums play as the water laps at the side of the ship.

Another advantage of taking a cruise vacation is that each year you can choose a different itinerary. In a few years time you will have become a real world traveler! One year it might be the Western Caribbean, the next year Alaska. Perhaps after that you might enjoy visiting the Mediterranean and then perhaps a cruise around the Scandinavian countries. There is almost no limit to where you can cruise.

When you give it some thought there are real advantages of taking a cruise vacation over a land vacation. Why not consider a cruise for your next vacation?

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