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The Aspects Of Personal Development

The Art Of Personal Development Personal development could be defined as the process of improving skills, attitudes, relationships, state of health, finances and learning. Any one of these areas or all of them could be areas that could be purposefully targeted for improvement.

For a person to start on the quest of self development or personal development, the first step is to find out where it is that you want to go. Sit down at a desk and make the decision that you are going to spend a concentrated amount of time to write a list. Set aside time to do this. Make a list of 100 things that you want. Not all of these items are going to be material things. They can be, but you want some skills in there and objectives of things that interest you should be included.

If you put “earn $100,000”, that is a nice goal, but you really need to learn the skill that will enable you to do that. You might put “master the art of ranking a website on Google on page one”, as the skill. You want to get to the basic skill. Another item might be to learn how to make friends, so you might want to read, “Learn How To Make Friends and Influence People”, by Andrew Carnegie.

When you get your list of 100 things, then you will want to prioritize. Pick out the top ten items on your list of 100. Yes, choose only the top ten. If you do this correctly it will be difficult and painful, but you are really cutting the wheat from the chaff here. You are literally defining the next 5 to 10 years of your life at this point. The reason is that if you are really serious, you will learn these skills, relationships, attitudes, and devote enough time to become an expert in them.

You see, you have to devote time in becoming an expert. That is what it takes is time and focus. If your top desire is to become an expert guitar player, you will have to learn how to do that one chord at a time, begin to learn how to combine the chords into music, and then perfect the music into beauty.

When you have your top ten things separated from the other stuff on the list, look to see if anything is related in your top ten. Are there two or more items that might fall into a similar category? For instance, one topic might be to learn how to sell. A second topic might be to build a website. Here we have to relatable topics that could work together in a synergistic manner. In other words, the two together might be more powerful than each one separately. So once you learn how to build a website, learning to sell could help you to sell your websites successfully.

What you are really looking for and what you really want to have happen is that you want to end up doing things that you have a passion for. What do you really enjoy? You will not be really good at anything that your are not passionate about. That is just a fact.

Give it a try. This entire exercise can become the foundation of everything else you do in life.

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