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The Example Of Personal Development

The Example Of Personal Development The adventure of personal development is one, which has a wide path, for there are books, records, tapes, seminars and courses on the subject. Our world is a world of achievement. Anything worth accomplishing is worth the price of learning a new skill, a new set of rules, or working with new people who have new ideas.

Personal development occurs when a person is motivated to achieve a higher position in life. In order to reach that position, the individual must redesign the way he or she approaches things. Normal, does not exist any more because normal will not be the method that the individual will be able to reach that higher position.

If an individual is offered a promotion, it is likely that he or she will be taking on new responsibilities and working with new people. It might be so that a larger group of people will fall into the realm of the promoted individual. The ability to manage a larger group of people will call for the learning of new skills and strategies of personnel management. This type of personal development is what is called externally driven personal development.

If a person decides on his own that a position of higher good is a place that he or she needs to be, then the attainment of that position will require motivation from the person without any outside influence, so it is an inner motivation that will propel the person to the achievement of the goal.

A person in this position will find it more difficult to progress with a personal development plan simply because he or she has to go at it alone, for the most part, as there are no dynamics other that personal to spur them on. In this case the individual will have to be very frank with his or her self, about what is hoped to be achieved and how the plan will work in actually accomplishing the details of the growth.

Careful planning and dedicated follow up on tasks dedicated to improving the score are performed. The individual must maintain and follow his own schedule of advancement while if he were employed in a corporate environment other people would be helping to monitor the progress.

In the foregoing example of a person being promoted, that person may have to expand their knowledge in human resources by taking a formal course. Or perhaps there will be procedures within the organization that will have to be mastered in order to be effective in the new position.

If that same person were self employed and needed that same set of skills, there may be no one else to guide the way and that same knowledge would have to be obtained in different ways perhaps. It is likely that the self employed individual would have to sketch out the objectives and each step-by-step movement in more detail.

Self development when properly planned and achieved always brings more out of a person in better skills, ability and results, than the work they put in.

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