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The Magic Of Sound Web Design

The Magic Of Sound Web Design Web design is the appropriate placing of structure on the web page so that it not only appeals to the search engines for placement, but that it also is easy for the reader to see an organized and well constituted presentation.

The message of a good web design should leave no doubt about its intent. If the theme of the website is roses, then the design of the site should take the viewer by hand and walk him or her through every link, image and explanation needs to be crystal clear so as to leave no doubt in the mind of the viewer as to choices of what types of roses we are talking about here.

The best of design principles will be customer oriented so as to “sit in his shoes” and almost read the mind of the viewer as to what should be searched for next. The progression of eye candy should lead the viewer directly to the areas that offer the most alluring offers and information. Any click on an offer or link must lead to an even more exciting adventure.

The entire idea of a well designed website is to offer incredible content that informs to the highest level. Not only from the standpoint of the search engines, but the intent to provide enough detailed information about the main topic and the subtopics is the glue that will keep people on the website until they either purchase something or have received enough information to come back at a later date.

After all information is the main reason that anyone gets on the Internet at all. How many times have you attempted to find out something in the way of information on the internet, only to find when you arrived at the announced site, there was nothing there remotely having anything to do with your request? Your stay on that site probably did not last long.

The design should encompass all the emotional sights and sounds that pique the curiosity and intellect of the viewer of the sight. Color and arrangement will lead the eye exactly to the sweet spots where the desire for gratification will hopefully result in a sale or the intake of information that will give the website the credibility that it deserves.

The mechanics of the website design should allow for quick and crisp pagination so that things are not held up between pages and sub pages. Viewers do not like to wait, even for seconds. Images should be optimized so that the load very quickly and not hold up the rest of the page.

Contact information should be readily available in a “Contact Us” page. There is nothing more maddening than a website attempting to communicate with someone and they don’t even have the courtesy to ease the callback.

There should be a very self-explanatory “About Us” page. People like to know more about the people with whom they might be doing business.

Be personal in writing the content of the site. Don’t be too stodgy, but write in an upbeat, descriptive manner. You are selling yourself, your ideas, your feelings for all about you, and lastly your product or idea. You will have only one chance to convince, and then they are gone – unless you convince them otherwise.

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