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The Quest For Personal Development

The Quest For Personal Development Personal development is a kind of nebulous statement because hardly anyone really wants to do it. After all, it does take quite a bit of mental discipline and effort to accomplish anything of consequence towards bettering oneself.

First of all, a person has to have a vision of where it is that he or she wants to go in the realm of self improvement. There has to be a reason for a person to strive towards a better place in life, or it will never happen. There has to be an impetus to get a person off of dead center, because dead center is usually very comfortable.

Once the moment of truth occurs, and then motivation begins to set in. The goal is achievable only if a sacrifice of time and energy is committed to and a point of beginning is decided upon. Now things can begin to happen in regard to changing an entire way of looking at things.

When a person suddenly sees that things are possible, that were formerly not possible, a new way of thinking begins to germinate. It could be called possibility thinking. Or as a person may think, “If I can do this, then that will happen and then I will be able to . . .”.

Once that line of thinking begins to take place, an entirely new process of excitement and deliberation starts to occur.

Goals begin to become reality in the mind of the thinker. Steps of progress begin to be written down on paper. A former state of status quo disappears and is replaced by a state of readiness and exuberant optimism. Focus on the importance of this new line of thinking breeds awareness of the fact that all progress is within the realm of possibility, and that it really can be accomplished.

That is the process of true personal development. It has to happen in the mind first, in order to make sense out of it. Everything starts with an idea, but that idea then has to become grounded in reality. It has to stand the test of all of the obstacles that will be stacked against it. All of the nay Sayers who mock, and cluck together in one chorus, hoping to build their egos on a negative, at the expense of a dream.

However, it will not be so because in this case, the dream is stronger than the stealer of dreams and the dream just gets stronger. Soon it becomes an obsession and the journey begins with step one. When step one is finished, then step two begins. Looking back, step one was pretty easy. Each step brings the obsession just that much closer. Each step engenders a new confidence never before experienced, that the dream is now going to become a reality.

Once the reality of the dream occurs and the new objective is achieved, a new life is revealed that only could be wished about before. It is not only the goal achieved that is noteworthy, but also the knowledge gained along the way that is the real benefit of this quest for personal development.

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