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The Value Of Staging A Home When You Need To Sell Fast

The Value Of Staging A Home When You Need To Sell Fast Selling a home in a buyer’s market can pose many challenges. In order to sell quickly, you have to price the home right, market it properly and hire a professional Realtor to work by your side. In addition, staging presents advantages that can make your home more attractive to a buyer, helping you to get an offer on the table quickly. Here are some of the things you should consider when staging your home.

First, consider what staging really means. In order to stage your home, you do not have to hire a professional staging agent or spend thousands of dollars renting high end furniture. Many of the furniture pieces you currently own can be used to professionally stage your home. Oftentimes, furniture can be arranged in a way that improves the flow of a room and makes it feel less cluttered. Some pieces might also need to be removed in order to make a room look larger, yet still lived in. Remember that your goal is to appeal to potential buyers, so stage your home in a way that makes it feel welcome and inviting, but not too personalized.

When it comes to removing personalized aspects from your home, it is important to take down family photographs and personalized family heirlooms. While your graduation diplomas, the belly cast from your first pregnancy and your grandmother’s cherished wedding flowers might make your home into a welcome place for you, they are too personalized for anyone else, and removing them will help to allow others to feel like your home is already theirs.

In addition to removing photographs and heirlooms, make sure your counter tops are not overly cluttered. When someone walks into your kitchen, they should essentially see a set of knives and a coffee pot on your counters. The extra dishes, pot holders, three vases of flowers and large counter top appliances should all be put away. If you cannot find a place to put these things away, pack them away for safe keeping until your move. The same is true for your bathrooms and other spaces in your home. Remember that clean and clutter free is the goal of staging, so do your best to allow your home to give off that appearance.

Finally, remember that small touch ups can make all the difference when it comes to staging a home. Add a new coat of paint to your dingy white baseboards, remove the cobwebs from the corners of your house and make sure to dust everything on a daily basis. A clean home is an inviting home, so even these small steps can go a long way toward making your home feel properly staged for potential buyers.

So there you have it, the simple steps you can take to stage your home. Remember there is value in following all of these steps, as any qualified Realtor will tell you. Take the time to make your home look perfect, and those offers will soon be coming your way.

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