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Things To Do Today To Lose Weight

Things To Do Today To Lose Weight In order to lose weight you’ve got to do something about it – not think about doing something about it – but take action NOW. Here are just a few things that you can do NOW to start you on your weight loss journey. These really are the first step towards a fitter, healthier, lighter you.

Check Your BMI
You might already know what your BMI is (Body Mass Index) but if you don’t then check it out today. If you discover that your BMI is in the overweight range then find out what your ideal weight would be and use that as a preliminary target weight. If your BMI indicates that you are obese then you need to aim to lose up to 10% of the starting weight. The healthy BMI range is pretty wide but just getting within that range should be your first goal.

Swap Your Snack
Whatever snack you were planning to snack on next, take it and swap it for something which is healthier. Lots of popular snacks are packed with fat and sugar and are major culprits in helping us to pile on the pounds. These snacks are calorie-laden and, to be honest, we can well do without the extra. Forget all about cookies, crisps, chocolate, and candies and snack on a piece of fresh fruit or a handful of dried fruit. Change this habit today and start changing your life – that’s step one towards a fitter, healthier, lighter you.

Swap Your Drinks
Any drinks which have high sugar content should be swapped for those which don’t. Sodas and fizzy drinks should be swapped for things like water or sparkling water – add a slice of lemon for a little extra zing. Cut down on your alcohol intake too – alcohol is very high in sugar and calories and is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to helping you pile on extra pounds. Start today and get into this life-changing habit – you know it makes sense.

Take a Walk
Think about your lifestyle and your daily routine then work out how and when you can fit in one walk every day. Fast walking is a terrific way to burn calories and is something that most people can fit into their daily routine with just a little forethought. Maybe you can walk to work if you get up a few minutes earlier, how about parking the car further from work and walking the last couple of miles or jumping off the bus a few stops earlier to walk the remainder of the way. If you plan how you are going to fit a brisk walk into your daily routine every day and make it a habit you are certainly heading in the right direction.

What’s for Breakfast
The last thing you should do today to lose weight is planning what you’re going to have for tomorrow morning’s breakfast. Can you make something healthy from the foods you have in the kitchen? Just think about it and do your best.

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