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Top Search Engine Optimization Strategy You Can Use Today

Top Search Engine Optimization Strategy You Can Use Today Search engine optimization is something that many people leave to the experts. When you see top ranking websites, you can usually assume that a search engine expert is behind the high-ranking. There are many components to reaching the first page listings of any search engine, and many strategies that must be implemented in order to maintain this highly coveted spot.

But there are ways for people that do not understand SEO to actually attain a high ranking on the search engines, even a number one position, without implementing search engine optimization techniques like the experts. In this article, we will share with you a couple of techniques that you can use to optimize your website to make sure that it ranks on the first page of the search engines, and even if you’re lucky, the number one spot.

One of the best search engine optimization techniques that people can use today that is very easy to implement is marketing your product with long-tail keywords. Although this is generally known and accepted throughout the industry, very few people do this the right way.

It is generally assumed that if you choose a long-tail keyword that is associated with your primary keyword, and create a website with unique content, that it will potentially rank on the first page of the search engines. The problem with this concept is that there are so many domains that have been purchased in recent years, you probably will not be able to reserve the domain and use it to your advantage.

The way around this is to actually build a website that can be used through social media. In the last few years, especially with the popularity of Facebook and Google+, the search engines are taking into account how many people on social networks are visiting certain sites online. In fact, if you have a following of people that also have a social media presence, you can almost be guaranteed of having a top spot on the search engines as a result of social networking. So how does this work with choosing a domain?

Instead of choosing a long tail keyword for your domain, you will want to use your main keyword phrase and create a catchy phrase. For instance, if you sell dog collars, you might want to call your website “”. The odds of this domain being available are quite high, and by posting this domain on your Facebook or Twitter account on a regular basis, and by providing high-quality content on your website, people will visit it regularly, especially if you do regular updates.

By using social signals to boost your rankings on the search engines, this is one of the best search engine optimization techniques that is being utilized today. Even though this has nothing to do with optimizing your website, or getting backlinks, the fact that people are visiting your site through social media networks, and that the search engines are taking this into account, you should be motivated to find a way to improve your rankings on the search engines through social media.

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