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Travel with Children Airplane tips

Travel with Children: Airplane tips Traveling with children can be a challenge. Especially on airplane flights. A few tips from parents who travel can be helpful smart advice for you and your family.

1. Take a picture of your parking area or parking tickets with your cell phone. If it gets lost you can easily find the information on your cell phone. You can also text or email yourself messages with your travel information. Flight numbers, hotel names and reservation numbers et al. Just delete the pictures and emails after your trip.

2. In order to get through checkout lines quicker, follow some simple rules. Do not wear belts, DO wear slip on shoes that come on and off quickly.

3. Before going through security, put everything in the carry on bag such as cell phones, large pieces of jewelry, watches, tablet pads, game systems, wallets, and loose change. All of these things in your pockets can take a long time to empty and then you have to collect it all on the other side. It goes much faster when it is all in the carry on bags.

4. Have children wear bright colors. Makes it easier to keep track of.

5. Go To the restroom as close to boarding as you can manage. This cuts down on “having to go” when boarding the plane.

6. Buy toiletries at the first drug store you find at your destination. This cuts out on luggage messes and is much easier than carrying it around. You can leave it at the end of your trip.

7. Carry small packs of baby wipes or shout wipes in a ziplock bag for messes made. This is an easy clean up.

8. Bring gum for the take off and the landing of the airplane. Remind kids to “pop” their ears when chewing.

9. Try to book all your seats together. If not, get them as close as possible. Politely asking other travelers to switch with you so you can sit together might be more helpful if you bring on a few low monetary Subway or Starbuck gift cards as a thank you.

10. When getting picked up at the airport, ask the driver to pick you up in the departure concourse instead of the arrivals area. The lines are not as long and the traffic is smoother. Likewise when heading home do the same thing.

11. Always purchase travel insurance if at all possible. Especially so if you are traveling in the winter or going to areas in times of natural disaster zones. An example would be traveling to the South during hurricane season. You never know what will come up and it is better safe than sorry if you have anything that necessitates you staying in a hotel because of cancelled flights.

12. The best advice of times to travel with children, is to fly in the earliest part of the day you can possibly can. These are the least likely times for flight delays to happen.

These tips can make travel with children less of a headache. And much more enjoyable start to your vacation.

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