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Traveling With An Appetite

Traveling With An Appetite Business, pleasure, or food? If you love trying different meals from barbeque to pizza, we have top destinations in the states coming your way. I hope you have sweatpants in your luggage by the way. Let’s get started!

First topic we brought up is Barbeque. In Texas, meat is religious to most. Many debates have surfaced since the age old question: Who has the best barbeque?

The answer: there is none. We all have different tastes so accept the fact that not every person will agree. With that out of system, I got three words for you: The Salt Lick.

This astonishing barbeque place has many locations but if you’re like my buddies and me only one location is unbeatable: Driftwood, TX. Salt Lick offers a menu but who needs that? All you can eat family style plate please!

Ribs fall right off the bone, brisket has that crispy crust but juicy center, and spicy sausage all being cooked in a fire pit. Not enough? Try their not too sweet BBQ sauce, choice of habanero or original.

“I want a mind blowing pizza” you might say. Where else but home of the birthplace of the pizzeria in the United States. Little Italy in the island of Manhattan, New York will lead you to come across Lombardi’s.

Many people will tell you different but this brick oven pizza tastes like an Italian grandmother is in the kitchen making it. In other words, it is very fresh and delicious. Make a stop here and you will not regret it.

Feeling like a good cheese steak sandwich? Where else but Philadelphia, PA to find it? Pat’s King of Steaks has been around for quite some time and is worth a try. Just ask the locals.

If you have a sweet tooth and you are in Pennsylvania already how about some chocolate? Hershey, PA has chocolate aroma filled in the air. A chocolate spa, Hershey’s theme park, and the factory itself are all within reach.

Craving authentic Cuban food? Miami, Florida is filled with authentic Cuban restaurants. I haven’t tried them all yet but rest assured you are guaranteed a good meal and the best coffee to wake up anybody.

Being a native to the state of Texas I must admit, I love sharing with you the secret of Austin, TX. Food trucks fill south Congress and the whole city for that matter. Besides being the live music capitol and offering endless activities, Austin has made many heads turn with their variety of food.

Another genre of food originates from none other then our next door neighbor: Mexico. Babita in southern California has made a name for itself claimed to be on a lot of must try lists from the locals and critics alike. Try it for yourself.

In conclusion it’s in your hands what to try. Going to these cities as a destination or trying the cuisine on the way to your destination, you and you stomach will be happy.

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