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Use of Search Engine Optimization in Internet Marketing

Use of Search Engine Optimization in Internet Marketing If you are interested in Internet marketing, your goal is Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO.” What that means in simpler terms is that you want the keywords in your posts or blogs to be noticed by Google and other search engines – to show up on the first page and, ideally, the first few Google selections. How do you accomplish this seemingly daunting task?

The main way is to pick subjects that are not overused — niches, if you will. It takes a little imagination to harvest ideas that serve this purpose. Rather than go for a general topic like “blogging,” for instance, you want something more specific, such as “How to draw traffic to your website when blogging.”

Another way is to think of how you would personally search for something on Google. For instance, you are afraid your dog has mange. What words do you enter in Google? Certainly not dogs or dog diseases. That’s too general. Perhaps “mange in dogs” or “dogs with scabies.” This is what you want to tap into when attempting search engine optimization.

There are many free websites to which you can turn to learn effective search engine optimization. Such resources as “webmaster tools” can be very helpful in your endeavor to be a successful internet marketer. Especially useful in that regard are its discussion forums where you can learn from other internet marketers who are also at various stages in their craft. You can benefit from their insights, and even from their mistakes.

Something you need to be aware of is that Google has very strict guidelines – and they enforce them! This can be a good thing. After all, none of us want the internet to be junked up with articles and blogs, especially those with misinformation. Internet marketing is a career. Take pride in your career and make it your aim to fill your articles with reliable information that is useful to any who read them.

Here again, addressing specific niches can make your articles stand out to Google while at the same time offering your readers a unique angle to whatever subject is being addressed. –-something that isn’t just a cookie-cutter impression of every other site on the subject being discussed.

There are also many things you can do when designing your blog or website to get better rankings with Google. It’s a game of trial and error, but with practice and experience, you’ll learn to think as Google thinks. You can use words related to your subject, such as with an article on teaching a dog to sit up, you can use alternate words such as dog training, dog obedience, obedience training, and the like. The search engines are looking for words and phrases that are related to your subject.

There is so much to learn but it can be a great deal of fun as well as being lucrative. One of the first steps to success is learning good search engine optimization. So jump in there and start Googling.

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