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Weight Loss How to Eat More and Weigh Less

Weight Loss – How to Eat More and Weigh Less No, this is not a trick, it really can be done. It is definitely possible to lose weight without feeling hungry; the secret is to eat the right type of food.

There are some types of food which are really good at making you feel full without stacking up the calories – so you can eat more of these types of food without piling on the pounds. Some foods are so calorie-laden that the smallest nibble can show on the weighing scales. It has been proved that we feel full because of the amount of food that we’ve eaten rather than the number of calories that we’ve eaten, so by eating lots of food which is lower in calories it can help you to feel full without making you weigh more.

Now that I’ve got your attention take a look at the types of food which you can afford to pile on your plate without stretching your waistband;

” Fruit and vegetables – I bet you were expecting that, weren’t you? The problem with some fruit and vegetables is in the preparation, if you add fat or butter to your vegetables then they are not so waistline-friendly. Raw fruits and veggies are brilliant, steaming is good – just don’t add oil. Particularly great fruit and vegetables to include in your “eating more to weigh less” regime are spinach, broccoli, apples, tomatoes, berries, carrots – blueberry muffins are not good, not even the low-fat variety.

” Broths and soups – are a great opportunity to fill up your bowl without piling on the weight just so long as you steer clear of those which are cream-based – mushroom bisque is not good, broth with lots of fresh veggies and a few herbs added for flavor are very good. I suppose the basic rule is to not add any cream.

” Whole grains – whole wheat bread, brown rice, and pasta are great for filling you up without making you gain weight. These have all of the goodness that nature intended them to have – flour which has been processed and bleached does not have the same benefits but can stack up the calories.

” Peas and beans – are a great addition to the menu if you want to eat plenty of delicious food and fill your stomach without gaining any extra weight. Black beans, green peas, kidney beans – add some to your vegetable broth for a little something extra – just don’t add any cream.

” Lean meats and fish – there are loads of lean meats and fish which you can eat in large amounts without piling on the weight – again you’ve got to make sure that you prepare it properly. Chicken, turkey, lean beef, and fish is great. Having said that a fried chicken wing is not good, a grilled chicken breast without the skin is fantastic.

So remember to include plenty of these low-calorie options into your daily diet, throw away the frying pan and steer clear of the cream aisle in the grocery store. That should really help you to lose weight without going hungry.

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